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Why And How I Write: CyranoWriter’s 7+ Years Of Poetry, Prose, Photography And Creativity

May 8, 2016

More than 7 years ago, in January, 2009, I heard a poet read at President Obama’s first inauguration. I thought: “I can do that!” And so I started.
Making a goal of writing and posting a poem or creative piece every day, I put my creative thoughts into this blog. Most are short poems, which I try to make into Haiku (they are in the sense that they are 5/7/5). Some are longer. Some are free verse. Some are prose pieces. Some are silly. Most are serious and observational.

All of them feed my soul.
(Here is a great piece from Dead Poets Society / Robin Williams)

During the more than 7 years since then, I’ve written more than 6500 poetic and prose pieces. Along the way, I’ve discovered / invented three different types of electronic media poetry: ConTEXTing, IMprov, and ImproVerse. Each of these three has to do with an electron delivery method (phone texting, Instant messaging or IMing, and improv voice recognition.)

Some of the pieces are “romantic” in nature (I’m currently single, have been for nearly a decade, so these writings talk about the pathos of that state). Others are observations of either nature or human nature. Many deal with the issues we all face daily. And still others are just thoughts and musings, prompted by my observations of what is happening around me. Some are augmented by my photography. Most are left for you, the reader, to visualise in your mind. All of these reflect how I see the world, and what living and observing and just being means to me.

My hope, my dream, is that people will read my work and “see new”. They’ll think about how they see or what they feel about the things I see and feel. And, most importantly, I hope my writing, day after day after day after day, will inspire others to simply see, to observe the amazingness happening around them, and to capture it in whatever form or style they choose.

People tell me “I used to write. I wish I could write more. I need to write more.” To them — to YOU — I say: “Do.” Because, 7 years ago, I heard another poet. And then, I did.

PS: My work is in chronological order, with the most recent writings immediately following this post. If you are looking for a particular subject or topic, type in some key works in the “Search” bar (above right), and it should bring up all my writing related to that topic. “Prince Charming” seems to be a popular search!

Seattle Tourist Tips: Revolutionary Email Prose

February 22, 2016

Having lived in Seattle for nearly 30 years, I know a little bit about the tourist side of the Emerald City. After several friends asked me for tips on “What to see and do and experience in Seattle”, I finally decided to copy this email and post it! Go ahead and make additions or comments… and I’ll update it on occasion!
Seattle Tour Suggestions:
The main question to ask is: Do you have a car?
You don’t need one, but if you do, you can see more. (I am going to assume you are NOT going to have a car … and will either walk or take mass transit.)
Do you like Music? Do you like Art? What do you like?
I’ll bring you north from the Airport on the Mass Transit – light rail, and drop you off in the center of Seattle. You can fan out from there. (There are other options as well … depending on what you like).
Take the light rail from the airport . Buy a day pass.
Enjoy the trip… you’ll go past some funky neighborhoods. Somewhere around the International District, the light rail will go underground. Stay on it until you reach WESTLAKE CENTER. Get off there and go upstairs. That area is the main shopping area for Seattle … high end stores, if you like that type of stuff. Pacific Place is just east of Westlake Center, and also has some great stores. Macy’s is just west. From inside the Westlake Center, you can either take the Monorail up to the Seattle Center: IF you like music and science fiction, one of the best things to do will be to go to the Seattle Center, which is where the space Needle is. That’s cool to look at. But don’t go up on the observation deck, it’s not worth it. The experience music Project (EMP) is also there which basically started out as the Jimi Hendrix museum and then it expanded to include Jazz, Grunge, and other Seattle Music “stuff”. There’s also a science-fiction museum That is part of it.
After wandering around Seattle Center, take the Monorail back down to Westlake Center (where it ends).
OR you can take the South Lake Union Transit streetcar to the south end of Lake Union, but ONLY if you like old wooden boats. There is a “Center for Wooden Boats” there, and sometimes they’ll take you out sailing if the wind is right.
Either way, when you’re doing with either Seattle Center or South Lake Union, go back to Westlake Center on either the transit or the Monorail. Get off at Westlake Center. Then go west down the hill to Pike Place market. That is one of the main “cool things” about Seattle, BUT it shuts down around 5 o’clock or so. Wander around there. Gasp at the flowers. See the original Starbucks. There’s a French bakery on the corner that makes great bakery items. Also some other ethnic “street food” type stuff there.
Slightly north of Pike Place market around 1st and Lenora are some good restaurants, some jazz clubs (but they don’t get going until later at night)…
After you’re done there, take the steps down from there to the restaurants and aquarium along Elliott Bay. Great fish restaurants anywhere there… I like Elliott’s or the sit-down part of Ivar’s (the walk-up take out is fried fish, which is probably not what you want). Elliott’s has some salmon wrapped in rice paper, which is amazing… or the cedar-planked salmon. If you like Aquariums, Seattle’s is world-class.
After you’ve go to Elliot Bay, if you head north, and go slightly up the hill, you will see the Olympic Sculpture Park . It’s a nice free park of sculptures that’s interesting (if you like that).
If you want to go SOUTH on Elliott bay, you’ll eventually reach the Ferry Dock. The #1 tourist attraction in Washington State are the Ferries… you can take one to Bainbridge from there, stay on it, and return home… but that will take you a couple of hours. If it’s sunny out and you can see the mountains, it’s VERY worth it. If it’s cloudy/rainy, not so much.
OR you can just watch the Ferries!
Once you reach that, it’s pretty much the end of the cool stuff to see THERE. So, head east and you’ll go into Pioneer Square. Wander around there… If you like Native American art there is a great gallery there, Stone_____ (haven?) gallery. Near there is the smallest National Park in the country, the Klondike Gold Rush National Park. If you like history, that is cool.
If you can get into the Underground Tour of Seattle, that is a lot of fun (and it happens right around there). Wander around Pioneer Square and Occidental Avenue for some cool shops, art galleries, restaurants, etc. There are GREAT Italian restaurants on the corner of Cherry and 1st (I think). Cafe Bengoti or something like that.
From there, you can head north again along First toward Pike Place market again. Before you get there, you will pass the “Hammering Man” at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). If you like art, go there and spend the rest of the day!
Once you get at SAM, you can keep going up the hill, to Westlake Center again. OR you can head east (up the hill) and catch a southbound bus on either 3rd or 5th (I don’t remember which) … to the end of the “free ride” zone. That should put you in the International District.
Wander around there. It is one of the largest Asian districts in the country (New York and San Francisco are bigger). If you like Asian food, any of the places there are great!
By that time, you should probably be pretty “done” with Seattle…
Will you have a car? drive from the Seattle Center north over the Fremont Bridge and Park in Fremont, and wander around Fremont. There’s a good Greek restaurant there on the corner, and great Thai food on the other corner. As you’re crossing the street north of the Thai food restaurant which is called Jai Thai, in the middle of an island of the on the street you’ll see the center of the universe. Most people don’t know where that is, but now you will. Head east from there, up a hill, and see the Fremont Troll, a cool piece of urban art.
If you can, drive to the Hyrum Chittenden Locks/Fish Ladder in Ballard. If the salmon are running you can see them not only in the fish ladder, but also inside. Also, boats go through the locks, which is an interesting event to watch. South of the locks (south and west across the Ballard Bridge) is Chinooks, a GREAT seafood restaurant that overlooks the Seattle Pacific fleet of fishing boats. The “Deadliest Catch” boats harbor there.

Should She Ask? It’s Simple Math: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

September 24, 2015

In person and in social media forums, many single women ask the question: “Is it okay for a woman to ask out a man, or ask a man for his phone number, or ask a man to dance?”
Assuming that social norms have changed enough to give women “equal rights” in dating, it boils down to a simple math issue of “if/then” equations.
The first equation is very complicated:
IF there are (say), 1000 [Or insert any number you wish] single dateable women (meaning my age range within 200 miles of my home), AND IF they are on Facebook (or some other place where I can “find” them, such as going to singles activities, dances, classes, parties, etc.),
THEN ASSUME I have enough time in a week to ask out 3 new women (which is EXTREMELY high) a week,
THEN I have the chance to ask out about 150 NEW WOMEN a year. AT THE MOST.
Result? These women have a 15% chance of me asking them out (or a 1.5 out of 10 chance).
Not very high.
If the numbers change (lets say, for example, there are 5000 eligible women, and I can only take out 2 new ones a week, which are probably closer to true numbers), then the results change dramatically (in this case, 100 women a year out of 5000 = 2% chance I will ask a particular woman out, or a .2 out of 10 chance.)

HOWEVER, the second equation is much simpler for both scenarios (for me, and for most men, with some exceptions):
IF a woman asks me out,
THEN there is a 100% chance I will go out with her.

The same is true for asking for phone numbers or email. Ask, and ye shall receive!

The same is roughly true at a singles dance.
Women ask: “Should I ask a man to dance?”
For the answer, here’s my logic:
At a normal dance for people my age, there are 100 single women.
Each dance song is (roughly) 4 minutes long.
That means there are about 15 songs an hour.
Each dance lasts (roughly) 3 hours.
That means there are about 45 potential songs we could dance to. Already, a woman has less than a 50/50 chance I will dance with her.

NOW ASSUME that I will skip dancing to some songs because I don’t like the song (Boot-scootin’ Boogie, The Lion Sleeps Tonight), or I want some water (I dance hard!). Also assume that, during line dances (Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc.), I will dance solo. The total number of songs I can dance to drops to about 35 dances.
THEN ASSUME that I will dance twice with the same woman for at least 25% of those songs (one fast, one slow), and you’re down to about 25 potential songs I can dance to with a unique partner.
That equals a 1 in 4 (25%) chance that I will dance with a particular woman at that event.

HOWEVER, if a woman asks me to dance, she will, 100% of the time, get a “yes” answer.
Do the math.

Then ask!

Something Wonderful –> Adding To A Meme: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

June 16, 2015

Something wonderful is about to happen ... and
A friend posted this meme on her Facebook. I told her “I don’t think that goes far enough.”
Here’s what I think:

“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen … again.
Always see that something wonderful is happening.
Always be grateful for the wonderful that has happened.”

Christ’s Atonement Works For The Repentant Sinner (Me)

February 18, 2015

Nearly a decade ago I was excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for conduct unbecoming a Priesthood holder and member of the Church. Specifically, I broke the trust of my wife, my children, my family and friends. I hurt my wife, my children, and others, and I will for forever regret the pain I’ve caused them. Each of them know I’ve tried to make it better, as much as you can make restitution for something so terrible. (Note: There was NO excuse for what I did. I take full responsibility for it.)
I stayed “out” of the Church for several years (although I kept attending), because I had insecurities and other issues I needed to work through. HOWEVER, I NEVER DOUBTED THE TRUTHFULNESS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST OR THAT THE CHURCH WAS HIS RESTORED CHURCH. I knew, someday, that I would return to full membership in the Church. People would ask me “Why”, to which I would respond: “It is true. I’ve never doubted the truthfulness of the Church. I’ve only doubted my ability to live it.”
During the time I was away from the Church, I dated a number of women, but did things which were not in keeping with the Lord’s teachings as revealed through His living prophets.
About 2 years ago, I had straightened out my life to the point that I felt like I could petition to return to the Church. I also felt like I had worked things out so that I felt confident that I could live the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Working with the appropriate local authorities (my Bishop and Stake President), I started down the path of returning to the Church, applying the principles of repentance and obtaining forgiveness through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
Since that time, I’ve had a few occasions where women who knew me “before” have told me (and others) of what I did, and that they should avoid me because of who I was. This happened just the other day, again. When this person, who I’ve never met, told me that her friend (who evidently knew me) told her what I was like, and what I’d done, (and thus, she didn’t want to get to know me, as though I was still that way), I felt like I had to write to set the record straight.
This is the content of that email (with some edits to maintain privacy and to improve the flow/make sense) :

Thank you for at least letting me know your logic (of why you won’t contact me any more). It’s always better to write and remove all doubt than to just go silent. Normally I would accept your email, tell you “Thank you”, and move on. However, I feel there are a couple of points I need to make.

1) Who I was when your friend knew me is NOT who I am now. That is the point of repentance and applying the Savior’s Atonement to our sinful lives, isn’t it?
2) I have taken the appropriate steps I needed to, to get my life back in order, and to repent of the many sins I’d committed during the past decade or so.
a) I got divorced
b) Through working with my Bishop and Stake President, and through hours and hours on my knees, I’ve sought forgiveness.
c) Because, several years ago, I’d STOPPED my inappropriate behavior, early last year, through revelation from my Stake President and the Stake High Council (who I had to meet with as part of the process to be reinstated in the Church), I was judged worthy and ready to be re-baptized for the remission of sins and for membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
d) Last Memorial Day weekend, under the hands of my father (a High Priest in the LDS Church), in the waters of Lake Winneconne (where he lives), I was re-baptized.
e) Immediately afterwards, under the hands of my brother (also a High Priest in the LDS Church) and other Priesthood holders, I was confirmed a member of the Church AND given the gift of the Holy Ghost.
f) Since that time, I have been working with my Bishop and Stake President, (he being an authorized representative of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles) (and, thus, the Lord), to be ready and worthy to get my Priesthood and Temple blessings restored (it takes at least a year after a person is re-baptized).
g) My goal is to be deemed worthy, when the Payson Temple is dedicated in June, to be there, and to be able to attend as a member in good standing. In order to do so, the restoration of my Priesthood and my Temple blessings will have to be approved by the First Presidency of the Church, acting as inspired representatives of the Savior.

I tell you these things not to boast or brag, but to let you (and your friend) know that I have repented, that the man I was several years ago has been “put away”, and that through the Grace and Goodness and Atonement of Jesus Christ, I have been changed and been made a new man. That’s how repentance and the Atonement is supposed to work, isn’t it? It worked for Paul the Apostle. It worked for Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah (in The Book of Mormon). We all have hope that it will work for us.
I wanted to contact people I’ve hurt and lied to, and apologize, as part of my repentance process, to make some sort of restitution. Some have accepted my apology. Some have requested that I not contact them, so I haven’t.
I have not only sought spiritual help and turned my life around that way, but I also (as some suggested) sought counseling. I’ve worked on, and continue to work on, fixing the things which messed up my life, which caused me to be insecure, which caused me to do the wrong things I did.
I hope that those I’ve hurt can some day find it in their hearts to not only forgive me, but — most importantly — also recognize that people can (and do) change, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of that Atonement, the statement “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is NOT true.
Again, I only tell you this so you can understand where I am, and the steps I’ve taken. There is a chance that we may meet some day, perhaps even in the Temple. In order for the Spirit of the Lord to be unrestrained there, I feel like you need to know that I will be there worthily, and approved by revelation from the Lord through His anointed servants. I have taken, and continue to take, honest steps to put my life in harmony with what Heavenly Father wants me to do.
I am not perfect, but I know that, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can change. I have changed. And I will continue to change, to follow His will, to be the best person I can be.
Best regards: Dave

Cowboys Overcompensation: Revolutionary Prose

January 18, 2015

Cheesehead on I-15 with over-compensating jacked-up Dallas Cowboys pickup truckWearing my Cheesehead over my Seahawks’ hat, my Packers’ jersey over my #12 Seahawks’ jersey, driving top down up I-15, I waved at some guy in a jacked-up pickup truck with HUGE wheels.
Then, one of the great pleasures ever as he passed: Seeing that the truck had a Dallas Cowboys bumper sticker.
Do you think he’s overcompensating?

My Favorite Ice Cream: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

September 29, 2014

Near Seattle, just east of the Sammamish River Valley, on the border of Kirkland, Redmond, and Woodinville, there was a place called Theno’s Dairy. They served a “Vivian’s Pride” ice cream called Midnight Raspberry Rhapsody. It was a dark chocolate (almost black) infused with fresh raspberries. It was epic, and I’ve never tasted its equal.
A close second is, any chocolate frozen custard from Culvers (or any other frozen custard place out of Wisconsin, donchaknow!)

Ask For Your Own Blessing: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

July 5, 2014

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon or LDS Church), we believe that all people can ask worthy Melchizedek Priesthood holders to “Lay their hands on (our) head and give (us) a blessing”. Whether it’s a blessing of health, of comfort, of inspiration, of peace … we believe that God can bless us through our faith and the faith of others.
The other day, a divorced woman on Facebook made a very public complaint, saying: “I haven’t had a Priesthood blessing in more than a year.” I’ve heard this complaint a lot, especially from women, so I responded. I probably wasn’t very nice in my response … but I think there are some interesting questions raised.

Dear [woman who complained] and all you ladies — and there are a lot of you — who complain about “Not having a Priesthood blessing in a long time.” What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go out and ask? You have a responsibility to exhibit your faith. It’s as simple as asking your home teachers or a member of your bishopric or a worthy male relative or friend. If you haven’t had a blessing in over a year, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. I’m sorry for being so harsh, but that’s the way it is. You can complain about it, or you can do something about it.

The woman responded: “You remind me of my ex. Always had to ask for everything.
I’m fine with asking for a blessing, however after losing my Priesthood holder to divorce, it’s become painful to ask for one. Women are tender, sensitive and some battered.”

I responded: “I’m just trying to encourage women to ask for something that they have the power to get, instead of waiting and complaining. Take charge of your own lives. I have to ask for a blessing. Why shouldn’t you?”

A follow-up to my comments: Hidden in this woman’s complaint, I believe, is the not-so-subtle reprimanding of Priesthood holders who haven’t, evidently, been inspired enough that they’ve offered to give her a blessing. But, Sisters, lets look at the reality of how that would look in real life. Can you imagine if Priesthood holders went walking around, saying to people in their stewardship (or others): “I feel like you need me to give you a blessing.”? Especially if men started coming up to single sisters and doing that?
Don’t get me wrong. It does happen. I know many people have been blessed by Priesthood holders who were inspired to offer a blessing. My mother can witness to the power of her Home Teacher being inspired to give her a blessing just as her heart was starting to malfunction and race. Many of my friends, both male and female, have had similar experiences. My brother, in the midst of my life struggles, said “I feel like I need to give you a blessing.” I hadn’t thought of asking for one, but he was inspired. That blessing helped me get back on the right path, where I needed to be. So I do know that happens, and it should happen a lot.
BUT it is, sometimes, frightening to offer to give blessings. There are also many of us who have tried to follow those spiritual promptings in our own marriages and families, and with friends and people we have stewardships for (Home Teaching families, for example). Sometimes we have been chastised and told “No!” and “You are manipulating me” and “You are using your Priesthood unrighteously” and “You aren’t inspired; you just think you’re better than I am and are trying to prove your self-righteousness” and “You are just trying to get me to do what you think I should do”. Some of us have been told, after giving what we felt was an inspired blessing, “That wasn’t from God. Those were just your own opinions,” or even, from a Priesthood companion, “You can’t promise him that! You just told him he would be healed, even though doctors say he will die.”
People need to recognize that, for some Priesthood holders, it has become painful — or at least scary — to offer a blessing, even when they feel inspired, especially to someone they may not know that well. Priesthood holders can also be “tender, sensitive, and battered.” Thus, if you want a blessing at the hands of the Priesthood, it is a sign of your faith that you can and should ask.

Think of the woman who touched the Savior’s clothes. She had the faith to “ask”. I’m certain that the Son of God could have looked at the crowd and said “You, woman over there, come here. Let me give you a blessing and heal you.” But He waited for her to manifest her faith. It’s a good model.

July 15 morning comment, from a female friend of mine: If women are waiting for Priesthood holders to be inspired to offer them a blessing, “that is pretty much a cop out.”
July 15 afternoon comment, also from a female: “Women should not expect men to be mind readers. It is inappropriate to spontaneously offer blessings if you are not the husband, father, or home teacher, or in a position to be aware that there is a need. Even husbands are not mind readers.”

July 15, afternoon, male: My thoughts?
We have the opportunity to ask HF for the things we desire anytime. Just fall to your knees and ask away. Weary the Lord with your requests, and your gratitude. He is mindful of your needs, and will provide to you what He sees fit at that moment.

If you seek to have clarity and direction from a PH blessing, then of course, ask for them too.

July 15, Afternoon, Female: “We are told to seek blessings. We do this far too little as a people. ”

July 15, evening, Female: “We are all tender, sensitive and battered. Personally, I need to hear what a man’s experience can be like.
I know it’s my responsibility and right to ask for blessings and I will do it when I am ready or in desperate need. A blessing is not a casual thing to me. I have many from years ago that I feel are still active in my life, even when I can’t recall the exact words.”

July 15, evening, female: “I haven’t had a PH blessing in a while because I haven’t asked. I did ask when I felt I was coming unglued many months ago, and my Bishop was able to do so. I needed that blessing to wake me up from a path I was heading down that was going to only end badly. I remember this being spoken of on a different group site. I thought some of the responses were sad. Just sad. And I think we, in this Group, tend to me more silly and let off lots of steam here, but does not mean we aren’t also striving to be good, decent people.”

July 15, Evening, Female:I ask for blessings when I need them. I have two wonderful sons-in-law and great home teachers. (I am truly blessed.) I believe you are correct in your assertion that there needs to be a show of faith on the part of the person asking for a blessing. I think the tricky part comes when a man feels inspired to offer a blessing. There can be a great deal of difference between, “I feel I need to give you a blessing.” and “I can see you are hurting. Would you like a blessing?” The first statement may appear superior and perhaps manipulative, even demanding. The second, allows the person their agency and still allows them to show faith. The first just allows for compliance. Asking rather than telling also allows the woman to decline if she feels that they guy is not inspired or thinks he is manipulative without hurting his feelings. Then the responsibility becomes hers. He has fulfilled his responsibility simply by asking.

At My Dad And Mom’s House: Revolutionary Blogging Prose

May 7, 2014

If you visit my dad and mom’s lakefront house on the west shore of Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin, in the summer, you’ll find:
1 large fishing/water-skiing/tubeing boat
2 canoes (3 if you want to borrow my aunt’s)

Lake Winneconne sailing

Sailing at sunset with purple martin

Daffodils by a Wisconsin pond

Frog pond and woods

1 sailboat
1 rowboat
1 skiff
2 piers
1 big lake out the front door
several swimming noodles
several life jackets
several paddle boards
3 frog ponds
1 goldfish pond
1 swing
1 hammock
2 slide/swing set (next door)
1 fire pit
2 dirt piles
1 over-grown back yard
1 nearby slow moving river
1 nearby marsh
several nearby woods
several Indian/archeological mounds nearby
Uno cards
cribbage boards
several other games
a player piano
a kitchen
a grandma who will teach you to make taffy, peanut brittle, caramel corn, carrot cake, and pies
a garden
stacks of wood with critters in them
2 butterfly nets
2 frog and fish-catching nets
2 benches overlooking the lake
clear skies
stars at night
tons of bugs
a grandpa who can tell you about every plant, bug, bird and animal around
2 soccer balls
2 kickballs
magnifying glasses
world-class airshows and aircraft museums nearby
cheese factories nearby
potato salad at Piggly Wiggly
Friday night fish frys
old steel toys
hotdog and bratwurst sticks
s’more ingredients
watermelons floating in the fresh spring pond
a garden with fresh tomatoes for BLTs
fresh, organic watercress (superfood!) for smoothies and cheese/watercress sandwiches
water skis
rubber rafts
extra swimsuits and towels
rocks to turn over
a sandbox

vintage aircraft flying overhead
buckets and shovels
aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who will play and do things with you
quiet country roads and woodland paths.

Don’t ask: “Where are the video games?”

My little brother “Ping” (Gene Jr.) thought of some more:
Duck calls & decoys
A rafter to hang your deer from
4 filet knives
Wild flowers
Owls hooting at night
Fireworks seen and felt by boat
Eager fishing poles waiting to be used
Alarm clocks with alarms set well before first light
Wild grapes
Turtle logs
Mud minnows at the ready
Smell of fish in the freezer
Salmon lures just about everywhere
Martin houses
Purple Martins singing & feeding their young
Starlings sworn at & falling from the sky
House that is paid for
Ice fishing equipment
Carp bows & arrows at the ready
Cast iron skillet waiting to sizzle & fill the air with the aroma of bacon, onions, & potatoes from an open fire
Allenville sweet corn dripping with butter
Volleyball time
CURDS!!! I forgot to mention squeaky curds!Buying Cheese and Curds at Union Star Cheese Factory in Zittau, Wisconsin
And Held’s summer sausage!!!
Red wing black birds
4th of July parties & parade
Fish boils on New Years
Thunder storms advancing
Hail falling
Wind blowing
Waves crashing
Mom laughing
Dad smiling
Both of them dreaming
Both of them making their dreams come true

Holding hands
Loving their children…and their children’s children… and their children’s children’s children
Both of them hugging

Both of them loving each other … always.

And Dad (Gene Sr.) said:
Did anyone mention the snow, cross country skiing and skating and igloo building but I guess this could go on forever…

(I commented that this was supposed to be a summer list … otherwise it COULD go on forever!

Potty Training, Part 2: Revolutionary ImproVerse Prose

April 10, 2014

Before taking your small daughter into the men’s room,
teach her what urinals are and
not to play in them.
based on a true experience seen today at a local restaurant