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Why We Share Our Alone: Revolutionary IMprov Free Verse Poetry

May 17, 2016

We try to convince
that we are okay being
that we love
our solo status.

We document
our evening fireplace flickering,
the movies we’re watching,
the hikes we’re taking,
the vistas we’re seeing
the food we’re preparing
for one,
the drinks we’re sharing
with none,
and we claim
and proclaim
that we love
so much.

That may be,
but the very fact
that we need to share
our alone status
on Facebook
or Twitter
or Instagram,
that we feel compelled
to scream what we’re doing
from the rooftops,
slaps us in the face
and says this experience
would be better

The very fact
that we must share
all alone
is an oxymoron.
We are not meant
to be alone always.
We are meant to share,
to teach,
to learn,
to cry,
to laugh,
to love

We are meant to be
because together
is better.


Sensitive Log-Splitter’s Lament: A Revolutionary Poem

February 12, 2009

“I speak in generalizations
about and for all women!”
(An oxymoron
if there ever was one!
It can’t be done!)

Still opined another woman;
told me what
a sensitive man
I am.

And then spoke:
“We women want men
who are strong! No joke!”
And I hear it again.

The same idea foisted
on a man changing his world;
the same dogma hoisted,
like a flag being unfurled.

“Women want a sensitive man!”
But what to do
when they find him?
They’ve not a clue.

So I sigh
and ignore the lie.
Learn to be a strong, yet nice, guy.
Learn what I should have learned to be
a decade, or two, or three!

(I’m slow…
but now I know!
Because dozens of women
have told me so!)

I can split logs in two.
Can you?