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La Jolla Cove T-Shirt Vendor Verse: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku Lament

October 19, 2014

Why should I rebel/
against another’s verse? It’s/
not competition.

Beach Control-Alt-Delete Reset: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

October 17, 2014

Wading in the waves to reset my inner peaceful: Mission Beach (San Diego) - Oct 2014Eternal rhythms/
of waves and wind reset my/
internal peaceful.


Waves In Our Lives: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 25, 2013

Waves in the water and sky Christmas Day, 2013, Juanita Bay, Kirkland, WAThere may be waves in/
our lives that aren’t made on the/
ocean or lake shore.*
*pond, lake or ocean.

A Sonnet of Conclusion: Romantic IMprov Email Sonnet

October 25, 2010

The romantic Oz ego/
gathers the poetic remains/
of verbal seeds cast across/
the ocean’s eternal waves.

She examines them closely;/
turning them this way/
and that. Hopefully believes words
written by the poet today.

She understands their power.
She knows of their might.
Years ago they’d caressed her
deep into the Outback’s dark, lonely night.

But she must now know he’s let go and moved on,
just like she did so long ago with her other one.

A Nearly Perfect May Day: Revolutionary Free-Verse

May 2, 2010

It was a nearly perfect day. He:
Arose refreshed and drove the freeway through early-morning mists with no traffic;
Got lost in a bucolic farming community;
Parked next to an old pickup truck driven by a guy with a John Deere hat;
Watched an American flag flutter in the breeze by the dawn’s early light;
Surprised someone with May Day flowers plucked unexpectedly from his herb garden;
Got to know and laughed and conversed with the elderly;
Tried to help someone;
Explored Word(s);
Cheered as friend’s young nephew scored in an exciting comeback at a Little League game;
Helped someone feel more warm and comfortable;
Shivered in a light morning drizzle that didn’t fog or mist his glasses;
Clandestinly sat close to and was warmed by someone under a blanket;
Made someone smile;
Explored an almond torte, a raisin tart, and a pastry-wrapped sausage at a Dutch bakery;Church in Bellingham piercing the newly-blue sky
Was refreshed and warmed after the game by a bowl of Pea Suppe almost as good as Grandma Bertha’s;
Got free bbq;
Avoided junk food, cigarette smoke and bright lights;
Tried to do something new;
Got lost while driving … again (his favorite activity);
Saw an old church steeple pierce a newly-opened blue sky;
Explored an old town;
Visited a familiar place he’d never seen before;
Got on the water;
Laid out at a beach;
Straightened out the s-curves with the top down on a scenic shoreline drive;
Saw sunlight stream through low clouds and paint patterns on the sea;
Returned, and came back;
Helped a friend escape;
Sampled more ethnic food;
Sang his lungs out;
Danced his heart out;
Brought down the house;
Laughed deeply, sincerely, and well;
Engaged in deep, rich and meaningful conversation;
Made a new friend;
Kept an old friend.

It was a nearly perfect day except, sometimes,
when he thought of you …
and wondered where you were.