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Fill In Life’s Gaps With What? Revolutionary Blogging Iambic Verse

July 1, 2019

You may,
on the daily,
learn what He wants you
to do.

You may
His call,
but that’s all.

Then what?
Do you sit on your butt?
Do you fill in your life’s gaps
with mindless crap?

I could delight
and write.
might bring my soul elation.

Or do I waste time
doing things less sublime?
Creating my inner “duuuuuhhhh”
with social media?

Or watch sports,
or comedy shorts,
or other junk to see
on TV?

When I do nichts
it makes my heart sick.
When I create
my soul feels great!

So why
don’t I
at least try?


Independence Day, Part Two: Romantic Blogging Haiku

June 29, 2011

The funny thing was/
she’d already taken her/
Freedom. He gave naught.


Freedom. He gave Nichts.

Promises Full Moons Can’t Hold: Romantic Improv Haiku

January 20, 2011

Last night’s full moon held/

so much promise in her face./

Now she holds nothing.


Tonight, she holds nichts.


Tonight, bitte, nichts.