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Go Seahawks! Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

January 6, 2014

Seattle Seahawks jersey - 2nd teamSecond team is who/
you cheer for when your first team/
falls in the playoffs.

Monday Night Football Glory And Respect: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

September 25, 2012

Even in defeat,/
there is respect and glory./
The refs blew the call.

there is greatness and glory./
there is respect and greatness.

Choices We Make: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

December 26, 2010

Today I faced a choice
of doing something I really wanted to,
but I listened to my inner voice
and elected to not see you.
Instead I’ll be with my folks,
probably watching a football game.
It’s really no joke;
It’s not really the same.
But my dad and grandpa
went to the NFL’s Ice Bowl.
The greatest game ever they saw;
16 below, in a Green Bay blizzard of snow.
The last football game my grandpa would attend.
Sometimes we don’t know how our choices will end.