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Mother Nature’s Boss: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

March 15, 2016

No matter how much/
you want Mother Nature to/
wait for you, she won’t.Early Spring ice out, Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin, March 2016
Lightening at Lake Winneconne, Ice Out, March 2016


Late Spring Night, Utah Lake: Revolutionary Email Free Verse Poem

May 14, 2015

It is said there are
ten reasons
Walking barefoot can
Heal you
And connect you
With Earth Mother
And her vibe
And her nurturing
And her love,
So you can feel whole
And connected
And in tune again.
Footprints and piled clothes: Sandy Beach, Utah Lake, May 2015
I take off my shoes
And leave footprints
In the sand.
I walk out
To the lake water’s edge.
I feel
The universal harmonic
Putting me in sync.

The rest of my clothes
Follow and pile
On my shoes.
My glasses,
So no one can see me.

My toe marks
in the lake
Are quickly scoured
By wavelets
And my wake
As I walk
And walk
And walk
To where my knees
Stay damp.

In the half moonlight
I guess
I look like a white blob
As I lean back
between her cold breasts,
into her firm stomach
And let her
Wash over me
And around me
And through me,
And connect me
And harmonize me
And cleanse me.

I stand.
And the east wind
shrink me
So much into myself
That I feel me
In me
And know who I am
As part of her
And it
And all.

Natural Noise: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse

December 30, 2014

Ice crack at sunset, Lake Winneconne, WisconsinBOOM!!
You know what it is.
You’ve heard it before.

It’s lake ice
and shelving.

Never that loud.
Never rattling the windows.
Never shaking the house
and your chair.
Never that violent.
Nature at her best.

You run outside,
look up,
making certain
it’s not a cold war
no “bombs bursting
in air”,

You walk over
next door,
look inside,
talk to the construction guys,
making sure
they didn’t blow up.

The BOOM!crashrattleshake
you heard
is what you thought.
You’re part
of the freezin’

But even though
you know,
the BOOM!
still surprised
and scared you.

Just for a moment.
Just a little.

Your heart beats fast,
until you learn
for certain,
it’s just Mother Nature
playing percussion.

Real cool.

Natural Christmas Ornaments: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 6, 2014

When left to her own/
devices, she could truly/
make a masterpiece.

Nature Finds A Way: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

June 28, 2013

Trees grow on a smoke stack near Milwaukee's City Hall, view from the 18th floor of the Pfister Hotel.Amidst all downtown’s/
pollution and decay, still,/
Nature finds a way.

Mother Nature Has Her Way: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

August 28, 2011

Asphalt jungles sprout./
Wildflowers grow and bloom. It’s /
Mother Nature’s house.