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These And Those Deep Chats: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku Lament

April 22, 2016

It’s mornings like these,/
and afternoons like that, when/
I miss our deep chats.

4 A.M. Sorrow: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

October 19, 2014

He’s sad he can’t sneak/
down the long corridor and/
hug* her this early.

Where I Sit On the Train — 9:01 Southbound UTA FrontRunner: Romantic ImproVerse Lament

August 21, 2014

The pain of missing/
her makes me sit on the side/
away from her house.

Train-Bound Stanley Kowalski: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

May 7, 2014

As the train rumbles/
past her house, should he stand at/
the window and yell?
As the train rumbles/
past your house, should I stand at/
the window and yell?

Her Lonely Father Missing Her: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

April 13, 2014

Of all my children,/
she sees, writes and acts most like/
me. Why don’t we talk?

Baseline: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

September 9, 2013

She’s the baseline, the/
standard by which all are
wanting. Now I am.

Missing Her: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Lament

July 3, 2013

She spends her time in/
my blog*, reading. I’d prefer/
she spend time with me.

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Out Of Date(s): Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

June 28, 2013

Why do 70’s/
love songs make me miss her, a/
60s girl, right now?