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Dear President-Elect Trump: What I Hope For Since You Got My Vote

November 13, 2016

Dear President-Elect Trump:
I voted for you. Not because we talked decades ago (Equitable Building elevator NYC, mid-1990s, after your real estate for pension fund conference speech and dinner). Nice to connect with you again … and congratulations!
I voted for you because I believe you want what’s best for this great country of ours, and that you’ll take strong steps to make it happen. I believe you’ll come up with non-traditional, revolutionary, innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, and that you’ll surround yourself with the best people America has to offer to make those solutions happen.

BUT, I do have some concerns. I have friends who didn’t vote for you and, frankly, I’m taking A LOT of heat for my vote. I CAN handle it, as long as I know you’re at least thinking about these things that we are concerned about:
1) You HAVE to come out and not only apologize for your misogynistic, rape-culture behavior in the past, with NO excuses, but make certain you are COMPLETELY clean and above reproach with your attitude toward women, especially sexually. As a father of a rape victim who literally vomited when your “locker-room talk” tape came out, I cannot emphasize how much hearing your talk hurt me and hurt people I love. BUT, I also KNOW that people can change (because I’m totally different than I was when I ruined my family ten years ago). So, PLEASE, come out with both word and actions to STOP that previous attitude, and tell others — especially men — that such language and actions are NOT acceptable.
2) There are A LOT of groups (Muslims, ALL racial minorities, women, LGBTQ, etc.) who are AFRAID of you and your potential policies. I encourage you to come out and clarify what you mean about how you’ll protect our boarders AND our citizens while still welcoming all those “yearning to breathe free”… and then make certain you implement FAIR yet PROTECTIVE policies. Because I believe you are NOT racist or prejudiced or misogynistic or homophobic. After all, you’re a New Yorker!
3) My father is an environmentalist, and so am I. We fear what you’ll do to the land we love, to nature that you, as a New Yorker, are not used to seeing much of. My suggestion: Use your innovation to encourage alternative energy, alternative transportation modes, alternative manufacturing methods which not only protect the environment BUT actually improve business. (You could start by Standing with Standing Rock and stopping the Obama-approved Pipeline and working with Native Americans to come up with an alternative.)
4) Although we are a nation of free speech and freedom of expression, come out strongly and forcefully against the hate that some of your followers are spewing. When you see Trump with a swastika, or you hear about kids in school telling fellow students to “go back to the sand dunes” or “go back to Mexico” or “We’re building a wall FOR YOU”, come out and tell them to STOP IT. Your leadership and example matter. PS! UPDATE! IN YOUR FIRST TV INTERVIEW YOU TOLD THEM TO STOP IT! AWESOME!
5) I believe you are a loving man, in a New Yorker kind of way. Show it.
6) Distance yourself from radical groups that support you (specifically, the KKK and any other white supremacist groups), and condemn them because of their racist activities and attitudes.
7) Protect our military AND our veterans (AND apologize to those you have offended, including Senator McCain.)
8) Make your parents and family proud, every day.

I’m certain there are other items my liberal friends can think of, but it’s late, I’m tired, and you’re an intelligent man … I’m certain you can think of other ways you can help unite and heal this divided country. Because I really have hope that these next 4 + 4 years are going to be among the greatest in our country’s history.

I’m praying for you every day.
Dave Kuhns

PS: My mid-80-year-old mother is a ‘UGE fan of yours. When I called her EARLY Wednesday morning, after you won, she called me back after waking up and listening to your message … in tears. She was incredibly happy, and has been ever since! She is SOOO excited for her birthday this year: January 20th, Inauguration Day! Do you think she might be able to get an invitation to join you on The Mall as you take the Oath of Office?
#MyPresident #YesMyPresident #NoRapeTalk #StopHate


Why Be You? Revolutionary Blogging Sonnet

May 16, 2016

She, alone, stood
and, debating her own best good,
faced down the gaping abyss
of conscious solo loneliness.

She knew another decision would
be, by others, easily understood
if she, reconsidering, stepped back;
let herself be lead down a different track.

She could easily hike hand in hand
through life’s journey with a man
who had never truly got
the greater knowledge and light she sought.

But she turned her vision to a loftier view;
Spread forth her arms, lept out, and flew.