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She Deserves More Than A Cartoon Compliment: Romantic IMprov Haiku

July 21, 2015

She deserves more than/
trite cartoon compliments, but/
mere words won’t suffice.

Smite And Strike Down Meme Postings! Revolutionary IMprov Free Verse

August 22, 2014

Oh thou,
who postest memes
and quotes
on the walls,
from others unknown,
or dead,
or forgotten:
Hast thou not
statements from
thy own
And heart?
And soul?
Speakest thou
no more
for thy own self?

Canst thou not
summon from the depths
of thy mind
and heart
and soul,
ideas afresh?
Failest thou to create
musings which will
and strengthen
those who read?

Hast thy heart’s fire,
thy soul’s flame,
thy mind’s light,
been extinguished,
doused with watered-down
musings of others?

Must thou always
look to never-met souls
to speak thy mind?
Dost thou not
have thy own thoughts?

If thou art yet alive,
then thou dost!
And if thou dost,
Then so speak,
Thou! and thy Ideas!

Deny no more
thy own intellect!
Hide no longer
thy own muse!
Cease shading
thy own thoughts!

Let us see,
thy own light,
and be blinded thereby,
that we all,
and generations yet to be,
may copy
and paste
and wonder
at the new insights
which thou shalt
inspire us with
this day,
and forever more.


Go Live Life: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

May 10, 2014

I’m tired of Facebook/
memes telling me to live life/
large. That’s what I do.
I’m getting tired of/
Facebook telling me I should/
live life large. I am.

Picturing Reality: Revolutionary Email Meme Haiku

April 30, 2014

A meadow of purple flowers with a sunshine flare memeReality is/
glorious, but improves with/
a cheap camera phone.

Shocking Contrarian Who She Is: Revolutionary ImproVerse Sonnet

April 17, 2014

She stands, a woman unfettered./
She speaks her own opinions./
She doesn’t count who’s worse or better./
She won’t be one of the minions.

She’ll speak her own mind./
She’ll phrase her thoughts with boldness./
She’ll avoid being unkind;/
She’ll be honest, nothing less.

She’ll discuss her feelings,/
She’ll speak her deep thoughts,/
She’ll revel in truths appealing;/
She’ll be both teacher and taught.

And men who read her thoughts will wonder and gaze/
As they through both beauty and truth stand all amazed.