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Hey! BYU! Shut Up And Listen! (Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

February 3, 2017

Tell me again why/
folks crowd to a Gospel choir’s /
front row, then talk loud?

*Yeah, I know it’s hypocritical to tell someone to shut up at a Gospel concert, but REALLY!?!?! Just because your Momma ain’t around doesn’t mean you can be rude and forget your manners!


Music Manners Matter: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

December 18, 2013

Why doest thou whisper /
when sweet heavenly music/
Demands* all silence?

Awakening On The Savannah: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

October 8, 2010

I awake/
as tho I am on the Savannah./
My thirst won’t slake;/
I forget my manners/
on the slight chance that U/
might be twiddling your thumbs/
thinking of me, 2.