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Good Man Dan: Revolutionary IMprov Rhyming Haiku

January 27, 2014

Our best behavior/
can’t be forced. It’s who we are/
in our core. You’re good.

A Citizen’s Warning And Lament: Improv Free Verse

September 5, 2012

Spend your life paying taxes,
Volunteering in the community,
Coaching others children to become better citizens, team players, more healthy.

Offer your life
Working to feed and shelter the homeless,
Leading youth on wilderness trips and service projects,
Giving of your time, talents, money,
and everything you have to your church.

And when the time comes
that one of your own needs help,
because she is too old,
she doesn’t have insurance,
you make too much money,
her condition isn’t seen as a disease,
and she becomes so thin
that she falls through the cracks,

Prepare, then, oh Citizen!
to stand by
and watch her die
and wish you could you have volunteered
and paid
and given of your time, talents,
and everything that you had
to bless her life
and keep her alive.


Judge Me Not Thee: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

July 8, 2012

When I must repent/
for things I did, and others/
don’t, I should not care.

don’t, how should I feel?