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The Illusion Of A Peaceful Lakefront, 8:15 a.m.: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

August 1, 2016

Birds chirp/warble/call/sing,
greeting the early morning sun.

Waves lap
or crash
or gurgle
on the rocky shoreline,
their symphony
depending on the weather.
Leaves rustle.

I strain
to hear
the buzz of bees
and bugs
and hummingbirds

The serenity
of lakeside living
is an illusion.

All those nature sounds
we should hear
are too often overrun
by the cacophonic crashing
of choking chords
from lawn mowers
and weed whackers
and generators
and compressors
and leaf blowers
and pressure washers.

Lakeshore lawnmower noisemaker

Teacher’s Day Off: Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

March 20, 2015

She sits with her cats,
and books she should have read;
Dreams of Wonderland
and stares vacantly ahead.

As the felines stretch and purr,
and the sun brightly shines,
she hears lawnmowers whirr
and the 2-cycles whine.

Yet she, with so much to do,
moves to her chair from her bed,
stores the words she’s thought through,
and turns on Netflix instead.

For $7.99 she vacates her head,
and buries her mind in The Walking Dead.