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I Am Generator: Revolutionary Haiku

August 8, 2011

I’m Generator/
of what I am, what I do,/
who I am, and why.

Unexpected Unreasonableness: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

July 22, 2011

breakthroughs are unexpected, /
yet they’re so needed.

Break Some Gears: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

June 27, 2011

Your mind machin’ry/
runs no matter how you think./
Take time to break gears.

You, Creator: Revolutionary Haiku

June 13, 2011

Getting off rackets/
starts your new life of freedom./
You’re the Creator.

People Love Rackets: Revolutionary Haiku

June 13, 2011

People love rackets./
Why? They strangle and destroy!/
Get off it and live.

Don’t Puke Powerful Possibilities: Revolutionay Haiku

June 13, 2011

Don’t puke powerful/
possibilities. Instead,/
share love with others.

Does Looking Good Matter? Revolutionary Haiku

June 6, 2011

If I look real good,/
and no one is there to care,/
is it a “macht’s nichts”?

You Think I Look Bad: Revolutionary Haiku

June 6, 2011

Just because I’m me,/
and you think I look bad, does/
not make you look bad.

She Lifted Me: Revolutionary IMprov Sonnet

July 20, 2010

She took me in,/
brain, food, heart, soul,
dancing, laughing, roll
on, roll in, rolling again.

I didn’t ask her to.
She just did.
She just was. She just is.
Lifting me when I was through.

With bright, piercing eyes,
taking me down a way
where I could see a different day,
I’d grasp the future in surprise.

She taught me how to take the past
out of the future, and leave it there at last.


Intregity Thank You: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetry

July 12, 2010

Thank you for allowing me/
to practice personal integrity,/
while still treating me/
with love, respect and dignity!