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No Man Is … Oh Yeah? Romantic IMprov Haiku Lament

February 24, 2014

She views where we once/
romped and she broke my heart. I’m/
the lonely island.

Different Islands, Same Homelands: Revolutionary Email Poem

November 23, 2010

You have honored me
with your poetry
Island Girl.

Though I have never been,
I long, now, to return again
with you.

The islands of my soul
Are in the land of midnight Sol,
like yours, “sen”.

Dansk, or Norsk,
or tropical, we were forced
back to the desert.

So when the waves lap on distant shores,
and you hear my voice in it, and I yours,
maybe we can go, together,

And discover the islands
and the true homelands
of our soul and heart.

Just you and me,
Island Girl.


Island Dreaming Revisited: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

July 5, 2010

A sonnet deep and rich in form
is an introduct’ry email so out of the norm
that one would think, having questioned in nuance,
the poet would at least receive a response!

Especially when his wit was droll,
and the sonnet was laden and full
of questions, hints and suggestions
indicating his hoped-for directions.

Perhaps she thought he, full of libation,
was too forward in his self-invitation!
He’d easily understand how she thinks
except for this: he doesn’t drink!

So now, pensive, he sits, keyboard under hand
and wonders what to do about the Island!

A Woman on an Island, Dreaming: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

July 5, 2010

Some woman on a distant Island
looks at my profile. She looks at me.
Does she think I’m too boring or bland?
Or that she’s too far across the sea?

Does she know that I’ve done,
(back in my younger days,)
on that tiny ferry I have come,
and have captured her island in my gaze?

That I’ve longed for an island life idyllic,
where I could write to my finger’s content,
and move beyond plastic and acrylic
to a lifestyle like where my youth’s days were spent?

Does she know how her Island calls to me?
Does she know that’s where I’d love to be?

Comparing Intensities: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

July 5, 2010

Your intensity
was obviously
not as intense
as where mine went.

I figured
you were tired
or too busy
to write me.

So I went West alone
and had island fun.
Just my brother’s family
and intensely me.

Now I’ve returned to the mainland, refreshed;
Ready, if you are, to give you my best.