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Maybe Today Is Inspiring Us: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 11, 2017

Maybe today is/
the day she just did what she/
feared … and inspired us.

Green (First Timer Napkin Poet) Inspiration: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

August 15, 2014

“This is my first time”,/
she said, “Thanks to that guy there!”/
I’ve found my calling.

Glad To Again Feel Movement: Romantic IMprov Haiku

January 9, 2014

Red strapped movement causerIt had been a long/
time since he’d felt movement like/
she was inspiring.

It’d been a long time,/
he thought, since he’d felt any/
warm movement like this.


Oddly Inspiring: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 24, 2013

It’s odd when you learn/
that you inspire the people/
who’re inspir’ing you.

Who Is The Muse: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

February 13, 2011

U read/
my poetry,/
and ask: ‘Who is this she?/
This muse inspiring words/
of rhyme’d wisdom,/
truth felt and heard,/
that come/
rising from/
a soul true?’/
She is U.