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Baseball Brings Back Childhood Joy: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

May 6, 2017

Innocent mem’ries/
of childhood diamonds flood thoughts./
Joy’s eye gleam returns.


Patterns: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 2, 2014

As the patterns of/
Witch hunts grew, nobody was/
proved to be guilty*.
*A witch
As the pattern of/
witch hunts grew, no one accused/
was proven guilty.

Boston’s Hallowed Ground(s) : Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

August 6, 2013

Boston Bombing makes hallowed groundOn Boylston and
The Common*, shed blood of the
innocents hallows.


To Tell The Innocent The Tragic Truth: Revolutionary Blogging Poetic Conundrum

April 27, 2011

She is so innocent.
So refined.
So sophisticated.
So well versed.
So naive.

She stands,
smiling as she always does,
beau on her arm,
boys energized.

I saw her face,
one Christmas season.
Snow fell on her crimson cheeks.
Her red hat
accented her long, blonde locks.
Her boys and mom played pool,
drank chocolate milk
in my office
above the drumming crowd.

Then she was introduced,
by a friend,
to Don Juan,
the perfect man
for her perfection.
They are so happy.
She is so in love.
They’ve been together
nearly a year.

He tells the yente,
friend matchmaker,
that he plans on asking her,
to marry him.
A happy revelation.

Then he reveals
he still sees
previous loves;
slept with them
as he professed
his perfect love
for his perfect

Something is rotten
on the Eastside.

Who should say something?
He won’t.
Lose the perfect woman?
Not a chance!

Matchmaker Yente?
She can’t.
It will hurt both of her friends.

I barely know her.
I don’t know him.
My words would count
only as jealousy,

So the clock moves on.
She deserves
so much good.
One can only hope
his bended knee
will help him
keep his pants on.

Innocent Defenseless Territories: A Romantic Email Prologue and Limerick

March 2, 2009

She said that the beauty
of my poetry
touched uncharted territories
of innocence
with no defense…

So, with a sigh
replied I and I:

“Then I shant write any more poetry
for thee!
I reject the type of violence
that takes advantage of the innocence
by opening up uncharted, defenseless territories.”