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Dysfunctionality Again: Romantic Email Iambic Haiku

April 7, 2011

Once again it’s me/
whose dysfunctionality/
scares away the she.

Unique Freak: Revolutionary Improv Haiku

March 29, 2011

I though that I was/
unique, but she only thought/
that I was a freak.

Muse Is Nice, Twice: Romantic Improv Iambic Haiku

March 29, 2011

You have mused me twice,/
and that is no vice. I just/
think that it is nice.

Where Inspiration Stands: Revolutionary IMprov Iambic Haiku

March 3, 2011

On occassion I/
see blonde inspiration stand/
before me. She’s fun!

I see her inspiration/
before me. She’s fun!