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To a Teacher Not Reading My Poetry: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

December 22, 2009

A pity/
that thou/
who espou/
ses poetry/
so frequently,/
should not have steal
thfully tread well/
to the well;/
drank deep draughts/
of deep thoughts./

for naught/
would your journey/
but, instead, you’d see/
through my poetry.

Do I Trust Myself? A Revolutionary IMbic IMprov Poem

March 17, 2009

“Do you trust myself?”
She asked.
I laughed.
“In what regard?”

As in, you invite me
over to watch cinema:
comedy, chick flick, drama,
popcorned action, mystery?

That there would be
no butter smeared on that
velvet, gentle skin, as we sat,
and watched the movie.

The only thing low
I would dip into
and slip into
would be a bowl

of buttered
not porn,
or anything like it.

Kernels I would just eat
while I watch,
and butter touch
and brush off my seat.

Do I trust myself?
Whether watching a romantic chick flick,
or Elf,
I keep my emotions,
and buttered hands,
on the shelf.