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My Hidden Walls: Revolutionary Iambic IMprov Poetry

June 7, 2011

People with a narrow view
say “There are no walls around you.”
Their vision is ascew,
and simply not true.

My fences
are more subtle defenses.
is what hides me.

My foolish intensity
is what protects me.
The outlandish things I say
push people away.

Since my youth
that’s been my excuse.
When friendships yield treason,
I can say my words are the reason.

Then I never have to say
“They didn’t like ME anyway.”
Rejection’s never a personal afront.
It’s just my words they don’t want.

So I shield and protect myself
as people put my words, not me, on the shelf.
(and that’s an insight into me
that most people rarely see.)


Do you get Contexting Poems Back? An IMprov poem

February 8, 2009

“Do you get
Poems Context-
back? A viral thing?”

The answer came true:
Just from you.
Everyone else
tries a line or two
and then quits,
and says “it’s something I can’t do!
Boo hoo hoo!”
It’s totally true!)