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By Request 4 a QT: A Romantic IMprov Sonnet

April 6, 2010

Her online photos were cute,
her bod was, to boot,
(and though some may not care
I have a thing for blonde hair!)

But her profile caught my eye,
and made me laugh and sigh:
Some of the things she said
spoke to my heart and head.

She likes passion, and romance, too!
Even her name – a QT wanting U –
And I knew, from where I stood,
when we were done, she would.

So I think I’ll invite her to wave at the cops
going topless on I-5 in my rag top!

Dumped on the I-5 from Canby: A Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

August 26, 2009

I5_CanbyOn I-5 from Canby/
I had 2 let her go./
It wasn’t up 2 me;/
she left long b4./
Ignoring who she was,/
what she could b,/
I missed my shot,/
got left/
on I-5 from Canby.