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Away The Scarlet A: Revolutionary Blogging Iambic Poem

November 20, 2015

It seems you cannot wash away
false tales of the Scarlet A.
No matter how untrue,
those rumors will follow you.

You can be washed pure and clean,
and know in your heart what repentance means,
as you are forgiven and changed with His love,
and readied for His courts above.

Yet others (who may be meaning well,)
will false tales and gossip tell.
And you may never have the chance
to clear your name or learn the circumstance.

So stand strong, even in pain. Sometimes all you can do
is remember again how He’s forgiven you.

When I Thought (Again) Of Her: Romantic IMprov Haiku

November 9, 2015

Her Lips Dropped LightlyI wonder if her/
kiss, dropped lightly on my lips,/
changed my heart’s balance.

Tattooed Temple Folk: Revolutionary IMprov Rhyming Haiku

October 11, 2015

In God’s temple there’s/
folks with tats, ‘cuz He just cares/
where their hearts are at.

Y B Sorry For Opportunities? Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

August 16, 2015

I would never say/
“sorry” when change opens new/

God’s Messenger Takes A Jar Of Plums To Herb: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse

August 5, 2015

I drive
past palm trees
and mangrove swamps
and sawgrass
and waterways
and gators,
by divine request
to kibbitz
with an old man,
church friends of mine’s father,
to bring him
home-canned plums in apple juice
and love
and blessings to a blind man,
that he may see again
his daughter’s devotion.

I’m sent by divine decree.
The thought came to me,
suddenly, surprisingly,

So why do I fear?
Why am I nervous?
Why do I feel silly?
My big heart
can carry the message
God wants it to bring.

Heart Problems: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

July 16, 2015

Arrhythmia: When/
you don’t want a girl who makes/
your heart skip a beat.

He Hopes She’s Finally Happy: Romantic Blogging Sonnet

June 6, 2015

The roses were dead once he picked them.
The chocolate, she said, made her fat.
The kitchen wasn’t remodeled like she wanted.
And now look at where she is at.

Remember each time he surprised her
with a new dress that was colored wrong?
Or the theater tickets that were on a bad night?
Or the album that had the wrong song?

Just like that coastal vacation
when she said she’d rather stay home.
Or when he reserved a place at that nice restaurant:
He hopes that she’s happy alone.

She can gaze at her jewels: The few things he got right.
Perhaps they’ll warm her as she sleeps by herself tonight.


The roses were dead once I picked them.
The chocolate, you said, made you fat.
The kitchen wasn’t remodeled like you wanted.
And now look at where you are at.

Remember each time I surprised you
with a dress that was colored wrong.
Or the theater tickets that were on a bad night.
Or the album that had the wrong song.

Just like that coastal vacation
when you said you’d rather stay home.
Or when I reserved a place at that nice restaurant:
I hope that you’re happy alone.

You can gaze at your jewels: At least I got those right.
I hope they warm you as you sleep by yourself tonight.

Lisa’s (The High School Cheerleader) Lesson: Romantic Free Verse Blogging Poem

May 29, 2015

She was
I recall,
one of the prettiest cheerleaders
of all.

Blonde, gold hair,
flashing blue eyes,
near perfect skin
pearly smile,
cheerleader’s body.

could only gaze
from afar,
and hold my breath,
and wish,
and dream
as she
and her friends
glided by,

But sometimes,
she’d smile at me.
and make my heart
and my stomach
for nighttime fantasies.

As prom approached,
I dreamed.
In the mid-70s,
not cool
to actually GO,
but in private,
I could still imagine.

She was always there,
cloaked in gauze
and satin.
I’d ask her.
She’d say “Yes! Of course!”
totally shocking me,
disregarding social norms,
the cheerleader
and the nerd,
revenge thereof,
(before anyone thought of the film.)

We’d go,
and my social status
and my life
would change.

Then I’d wake up.

of course,
was elected prom queen.
I gave myself
some eco-excuse:
is not
socially responsible.”

The dance,
tuxes and formals,
and I went
she’d been MY catch.
Prom Queen.

Months later,
I learned the awful,
of Senior Prom.
She’d  had no

Her father drove her
to the ballroom.
She entered to applause,
was crowned,
danced for a couple of tunes
with the butter-fly bow-tied
Prom King,
made her rounds,
shook hands,
walked out to where Daddy
was waiting,
drove home,
probably cried herself
to sleep.

I wondered
and have wondered
many times since:
What if I
would have asked?

Would she have laughed?
Would she have said “Yes!”?
Would that have changed
my life?
The snot-nosed nerd
who took the Prom Queen?
Would that have changed
her life?

I wonder.

A few years ago
I wanted to ask
a middle-aged
prom queen-type.
I balked.
I was afraid.
I remembered
a beautiful, smiling, cheerleader
with no prom date
except her daddy,

I swallowed,
and asked.
She laughed
and said “No!”
She was busy
that night.
But later?

And we did
and did,
and did.

Since then,
I’ve always asked.
There is no social status
I am not worthy of.
There is no beauty
I cannot dance with.
There is nobody
who is out of my league.

Thank you,
Lisa L.,
for the lesson.
If I ever see you
I will ask,
as I should have

Because every pretty girl
deserves to go to a ball,
and even a poor nerd
deserves happiness.

Ignoring Her: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

May 9, 2015

I’m ignoring her,/
of course. Otherwise it hurts/
too much to recall.

With empathy for my daughters and female friends:

April 24, 2015

The sheath fell outAfter 50 years,/
I at last get how scary/
Periods can look.