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Struggles Are Growth For Forevah: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse

July 1, 2019

Each of my children
with what they should do
in their lives
with their lives.

They ask what purpose they have,
what greater good
they can serve.

It seems as though
they feel as though
there should be some

There’s not.

While I’m glad
(as their Dad)
they’re trying to figure out
how best to serve
and what purpose they have
in the world,
and while I’m glad
they’re searching for purpose,
how can I explain to them
that I have not yet,
(at over a half of century of age,)
found that answer?

And that I may never find it.

What do
I want to do
when I grow up?

I may never know.

How can I explain to them
that the world is changing,
and its needs,
and the people of the earth’s needs
are changing as well.

How can I let them know that,
while those needs are changing,
our own,
ability to help
to serve
to uplift
and to strengthen
is also changing,

I’m a much different man
I was at 25,
at 35,
at 43,
at 50, (12 years ago),
at 60.

My skills are different.
My talents have changed and grown.
I now have wisdom
that I didn’t even think
I could possess
when I was 36 years old.

So while I encourage
my kids,
(now grown)
to keep trying
to figure out
how best to serve,
I also hope that they have learned
from me
that service
and life’s journey
is not a final destination.

Life is simply
a journey,
an opportunity
to find out
how best to help,
and then to do that
in the moment,
until such time comes
as you find another need
that the world has
an another talent
that you have
that helps fill that need.

And on
and on
and on.

Because only those
who don’t stop serving,
who don’t stop helping,
who don’t stop caring,
keep living.


Master Our True Emotions: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

November 23, 2015

If we find truths and/
master emotions from them,/
we perfect ourselves.

Replicate Like Willows: Revolutionary Email Free Verse Poem

March 16, 2015

As the willows replicate,/
so do I, /
expanding my reach/
as I bow into/
and to/
the Living Water.

Fighting Demons And Battles: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

March 13, 2015

Isn’t it awesome/
that we’re given battles to/
fight to make us strong?

Rose Garden Tasks: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

March 28, 2013

It’s time to throw off/
sleep’s cold, shed leafy blankets,/
and reach for Spring’s growth.
It’s time to throw off/
winter’s cold, shed leaf blankets,/
and wait for Spring’s hope.
and hope for Spring’s blooms.

Obtaining All The Father Hath: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

March 10, 2013

To gain what God has/
means not His things, but getting/
His abilities.

Pain’s Positive: Romantic IMprov Haiku

September 12, 2012

The sole positive/
about heartache is that it/
prompts intense muse growth.

Time To Grow: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

April 21, 2010

I guess that it’s true./
There is no time for our growth/
if we dont make time.