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Lift Where I Stand: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Iambic Poem

January 18, 2015

If I’m to lift where I stand/
How often should I reprimand/
Others for their silliness?/
The government for causing duress?/
Our kids and friends for giving us stress?

Capitalists for raising prices?
Immoral folks who are spreading vices?
Big industry for pollution?
Bankers with no economic solution?

Do we rail as some try to do good?
Could their motives be misunderstood?
We often stand and criticize,
As we look with judging eyes.

What if we focused our critical gaze
Into our own internal maze?
Wouldn’t we see so much clearer
If we looked, first and only, into the mirror?

Would we be able to do more good
If we learned to lift where we stood?
We do not stick our heads in the sand/
When we help by lifting where we stand.
For isn’t it said: There is nothing greater
than loving God by serving our neighbor?


It Frustrates Me I Don’t Know How: Revolutionary Improv Blogging Free Verse

September 5, 2012

I confess.
I don’t know how.

I know how to take troubled youths
and mold them into a fun-loving, happy,
“Did you have fun?” “YEAH!” team.

I know how to take eager young minds
and show them things in nature
their parents and teachers can’t see.
To teach them the balance between all things.
To help them help the world heal.

I know how to take young men and young women
into the wilderness,
how to prepare their wood so well
that it only takes one match
to keep them warm
and cook their food.

I know how to take illiterate folk
who for decades have claimed they
can’t write,
and have them create verse and prose
so moving
they can’t believe
the words fall from their fingertips.

I know how to take senior citizens
who feel they have no value
and bring out their stories
and find their worth
and make them smile

I know how to make people
size the day,
be happy.

I know how to make senior citizens
and babies smile and laugh,
how to make dogs
wag their tails.

I know how to take
suburban landscapes,
dead, barren lawns,
and change them into
multi-hued gardens
of scented delight
and nourishment
and beauty.

I know how to find
ancestors long gone,
how to help others
find their roots,
how to work through
the mists and dust of centuries passed
to find themselves.

I know how to take
a stranger by the hand,
look him in the eye,
and give him hope.

I know how to observe
the world
and write verse
and prose
that move people
to joy
and contemplation
and action.

I know how to stand
in front of congregations
and make them weep
with joy
because I know.

But my daughter
is dying,
because I don’t know
how to navigate
a system that does not
value any of the things
I know how to do.
A system that requires
so much paperwork
that she will be
before I know
what I don’t know.

And I don’t know how
to do what I must now

Phoned German Goo Protects The Government: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

January 10, 2011

I thot phoned German goo/
would serve U/
well and do/
what U wanted it 2./

With government restrictions,/
I c no contradiction,/
but rather just us/
being cautious!