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Golden Haired Sunset: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

March 13, 2011

As I watched a gold/
sunset from the plane, I gazed/
at your gold photo.

Going To California With Aching: Revolutionary IMprov Poetry

March 9, 2011

Many have gone
to California
seeking fame,

my son,
go to that Golden State
for a far more noble cause:
True love.
A father’s love.
The noblest cause
of all.

And when you arrive
with my love
at your side,
ask Him who is the Father
of all True Love
for help.
Then, think only to say
what is in your heart:

And if you listen,
and if you speak honestly,
and true,
from your heart,
you will be able to say,
as thousands in California
have before you:
“I’ve found it”.

And you will have.
And you will have them.
And they will have love,
and be loved.

Christmastime Gift Is Still Selfishness: Revolutionary Improv Email Sonnet

December 22, 2010

I came at Christmastime bearing gifts,
not of gold, frankincense and myrrh,
but instead of contemplation,
intelligence and mirth.

My offering was time:
the chance to step away
from the duties, the struggle
of her day-to-day.

I thought my kindnesses
would somehow extend
needed emotional relief;
a heart-felt helping hand.

But gifts that ignore another’s deeper need
are simply signs of my self-centeredness and greed.