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Don’t Be Embarrassed–> Dance Near Me! Revolutionary IMprov Iambic Verse

November 18, 2014

A friend started a poem called “Brigham’s Menace” by saying:
“As we danced
And you glanced
If anyone was offended,
None was Intended…”

To which I responded (in a hospital-post-op-drug-induced haze):

Don’t Be Embarrassed! Dance Near Me! (aka “Since when do you care what others think?”)

If disapproving looks are all you see,/
maybe next time you should dance near me.
As we get on our funky groove/
and show these other guys how to move,/
our partners will also dance worry free./

And all those others out there? /
The ones with the disapproving stare?/
We’ll just put throw our hands in the air,/
put our hands in the air/
put our hands in the air/
Air air air,
like we just don’t care!/

Because we don’t.

IMprov in the Bookstore: Revolutionary IMprov Poetry

January 5, 2011

I think I’ve been infatuated.
But never like
It’s a new twist.

I see you like a spectre
gliding through the shelves
of poets who have expressed
feelings so deep they’ve delved
into the very heart and soul
of the human experience.
And they still don’t know
what I feel when you glance
back at me amidst
the bound books,
and look,
with your deep, piercing, gaze
into my heart
and amaze
and see
who I am.

How Do You Know Inspiration: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

August 21, 2010

When yer heart is poured,/
and it seems absurd/
2 b able 2 say/
yer deepest emotions/
any other way./

When just 1/
look or glance/
leaves u undone/
and in a trance.