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All Poems Have Been Written: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetic Lament

November 13, 2010

When I told her I wrote poetry, a woman told me “All poems have been written”. This are my poetic responses.

It’s hard speaking of poems from ignorance./
Like saying all great dances were already danced./
Don’t repeat riding thru the glade./
All love is already made.

Later (9 p.m.) I wrote this Haiku
One of the saddest/
and most absurd silly things/
that I’ve ever heard

Sometimes Demonized Coaches Need Angelic Coaching: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

July 27, 2009

She sits alone.
Stares at the phone:
New, unbidden demons
unleashed in her home.

A couple of calls!
That’s all
it took.
And her world was shook.

through another medium,
she hears new, angelic voices,

“You’ve opened my sight!”
“You’re changing my me.”
“You were right!”
“Thanks to you, I see

And the demons fade,
and aren’t even as much,
as drying dew in the glade,
due to the lives she’s touched.