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Why Do I Love You? Romantic Free Verse Love Letter

July 14, 2016

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(Written around 1996 to my wife.)
For ___ mi Schatz

Why do I love you?
The reasons seem clear to me, though
I know you, scanning the mirror,
do not always see face to face
as I do you.

Or you would know that,
as a friend, I love you as my chief,
nay, sole, confidant,the only person
to whom I can, or want, to tell my
secret desires, whims, fantasies
and dreams.

But more, you are my therapist,
helping me visualize dreams
I never knew I had,
Bringing them into focus
for us to grasp together;
helping me solve — and survive —
the problems and delusions of life.

You are my intimate, and have taught me
that joy shared is Joy realized.
Before you, fun was BeachBoySurfSand.
Now, it is rapture, bliss, joy complete,
no matter how small
(watching a sunset together)
or how climatic and grandiose
(the birth of our children).
It has taken on a synergy, where
the sum of the experience
does not measure up to the total
because you share it with me.

I love you because you give
and give, and give, and give
and though I wish you would take more,
I cannot ignore what you give
and endow so freely.

I love you because of the gift of life
you gave and are giving daily, not only
to our children
but to me.
Your selfless sacrifice
helps me accomplish
what I need to feel of worth.

Dare I say it? I love you
as a paramour
(though technically, they are only men).
You are not afraid
of dalliances with your husband,
of sending him chocolates and a dozen
red roses … or of offering your moist red roses to him, whether wrapped —
in white silk, scarlet or lace midnight —
or unwrapped, surrounded only by
your sweet perfume.
As my ship of state of mind
is battered and tossed
on the angry world seas,
you are not afraid to grab me,
pull me down and provide my anchor.

I love you for your physical beauty,
and for the extra that your spirit adds.
I gaze at you in wonder, often, because
you are so comely.
Every part of you blends exquisitely
with every other part
and then
— like frosting on a cake —
your spirit exalts the physical
to radiant perfection.

I love you because of your intellect.
Your sagacity puts into new perspective
ideas and thoughts that have confounded
the so-called wise men of our time
and ages past.
I delight in your acumen,
in our long talks together,
when I try to intellectually ramble
and you adjust, provide commentary, and
summarize in a neat, tidy package.

And I’m continually amazed at
your ability to innovate,
to think new thoughts,
and to present them flawlessly.
You’ve given me many more insights
and much more knowledge
than any of my previous so-called
intellectual friends.
Compared to you
they were like the dew
before the mid-day sun.

I love you for your gracious nature,
for your courteous, cordial,
genteel ways,
for the grace with which you carry
and for the dignity I receive when
I am with you.

Lastly — because it is
the Alpha and Omega
of our Existence —
I love you for your sanctified nature,
not only for the godly part of you
that find nuances of the SPirit
I’ve never experience and makes them
part of our thoughts,
but more,
I love you
for the spirituality you bring into
our home,
our relationship,
my life.

And so you can see …

I do love you, and though
I cannot let you see your grace, beauty
and spirit
through my eyes, yet,
I can polish the mirror
so you may see more clearly
until that day when we both
will see ourselves
and each other
face to face
and know
even as we are known.
Love, _______ dein David


Why Test Myself? revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

August 25, 2013

How far can I go?/
How much can I give? Does it/
matter if there’s love?

Should I Feel Guilty? Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

June 28, 2013

Did I get* what I/
wanted or give her what she’d/
never known about**?

**had before

Your Christmas Gift, Part 2: Revolutionary Blogging Poem

December 24, 2012

my words.
my voice.
I wove
through your life
with thoughts,
and every

Count the bubbles.
Feel the goo.
Recall how
you were lifted,
made to feel
and laugh

You’re gone:
Out of touch.
Out of reach.
But not out of mind.

So, this Christmas,
all I can give you
is what I gave you.
I only ask
that you

Charity Hypocrisy: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 16, 2012

If you teach someone*/
to have charity, why then/
get mad when they give?

originally: *a girl

Being With You Gift: Romantic IMprov Haiku

December 13, 2011

Being with you is/
not a gift taken from you, /
but a gift I give.

Prepared Or Unaware: Romantic ConTEXTing Rhyming Haiku

August 9, 2011

Would she be prepared/
or unaware of what late/
night missive he’d give?

The Two-Way Street: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

April 15, 2011

Taking and giving/
is a two-way street, but you/
fail to look both ways.

The Conundrum of Giving: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

November 4, 2010

When I only want/
to touch, caress, warm and give,/
yes, I’m still selfish.


When I only want/
to touch, caress, warm and give,/
am I still selfish?

Am I an Eeyore? Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

April 25, 2010

Am i an Eeyore?/
Or am i hoping for more/
than someone can give?

Alterntative ending
Am i an Eeyore?/
Or am i hoping for more/
than some want to spend?