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“F U” vs. “If U” = Your Choice: A Revolutionary Email Sonnet

April 10, 2010

I know what you’re thinking:/
“F U”. /
Even without drinking:/
“F U!”

So much to discuss,/
but instead, you fuss/
about a weekend alone./
Where’s your phone?/

wanna call
there’s al
ways me to turn to.

wanted 2.

Seattle Library Blues Fuse: A Revolutionary IMprov Poem

March 9, 2009

I was trying out some reading room space
for a change of pace
from the suburban Eastside boredom
ho hum.

A critically-acclaimed edifice
But I have to wonder: What’s the fuss?
I think that you shall not see
me again at the Seattle Public Library! 10th Floor Reading Room Seattle Public Library
The connections are slow!
And where does one go
for computer power plug in?
It seems a technological sin
to have reading cubes
where you have to be rude;
get in someone’s face
’cause there’s four outlets in the place!

What were they thinking?
Were the planners all drinking?
If you’re going to flaunt technology
have enough power for he, she, us, them, me!

No, I do not think you’ll see me
Again at the Seattle Library.