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Sunset Friendship No Burn: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

July 3, 2016

No burn sunset holdingWhen you become friends/
with the sunset, you can hold/
it and not get burned


Move Along: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

August 24, 2014

Since there’s not enough/
interest in me to date, there’s/
not enough for friends.

The Adversary Versus Me + God: Revolutionary Email Haiku

June 24, 2014

The Adversary/
may make you feel foolish, but/
that’s why God made me.

What Path Will She Stay On? Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku Lament

February 18, 2014

Will she join friends and/
be enlightened? Or sink more/
into debauch’ry?

Easing Others’ Pains: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 22, 2014

There is a lot of/
pain being expressed by friends./
How can I best help?

Please watch this video: R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts”

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 15, 2014

Some claim a nose and/
an armpit can’t be friends. Why/
not? Who nose* stench best?

Maintaining The Edge: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 15, 2014

When we’re surrounded/
by normal, it’s good having/
friends maintain the edge*.

*friends help push the edge.

Eccentric Genius: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

January 13, 2014

I’ve learned this truth: I’ll/
always like people who say*/
that I’m a genius.

me I’m a genius.

I’m Never Alone: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Rhyming Haiku

October 20, 2013

Why do friends leave on/
the eve of my triumph? So/
I’ll conquer alone.

He Didn’t Shave: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

May 6, 2013

She’s glad it was a/
sunny weekend. Her friends thought/
she’d sunburned her face.

her face was sunburned.