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Brunette Dreaming: Romantic Free Verse Poetry

September 1, 2015

She was brunette,
like me,
and I dreamed
and planned
and schemed
how to
date her,
and to what?It's a brunette thing: The hallway at Nicolet High School, ca. 1972

My German class
When I finally dared,
for the first time ever,
to ask her out,
heart in throat,
palms sweating,
stomach butterflying,
she said
she was
“too busy”.

Funny how some things
don’t change.
it’s a brunette thing.

Drawing A Mystic Blank: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

February 21, 2015

Gaining Clarity -- drawing a blank at Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, UTIt surprises me/
to learn that,
in the place
which COULD give
the deepest insight,
Gaining Clarity -- Drawing a blank at Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, UT
I draw a blank.

that’s how it should be.

Can’t drawing a blank
be good?

I’m clear.

Return(ed) With Honor: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse

February 8, 2015

The red sandstone lay,
slight dimpled drill hole,
square-cut right-angled block,
beneath an ancient cross-joist
floor timber.

I thought I could take it,
a memory of someone’s old home,
a house I’d often seen
before a geological disaster
mud-slid, then drowned it
and its town,
thistle down,
into near oblivion.

Utah’s Pompeii,
covered with mud
except for a few

This red sandstone rectangle,
90 degree
right angle cut
not found in nature:
No one would miss it.

The rough red
would create an awesome border
on my garden,
a new use for old stone.

But even as I hoisted it
and walked car-ward,
it seemed to say:
Heading downhill,
I slipped on rain-soaked mud
and had to throw it as I fell
to avoid having it
crush my pelvis.

Sitting in the back
of my car,
it seems to whisper
“Take me home.”

I almost dropped it off
last night,
right after I nearly hit
a white-tailed deer
on State Route 89,
near where there jersey barrier
separates me
and the block
from the home
it has known
for a hundred years.

Do the stones
have souls?
Do the square-cut corners
and dimpled indentations
still hold memories
and longingly speak?

I do not know.
I do know
that it does not belong
with me,
in my garden.
So I willdid return it
with honor,
and will hopefully
not slip again.
Returning Red Sandstone - Thistle Ghost Town

Two Words: Revolutionary Blogging Free Verse Poem

January 28, 2015

From YOUth,
my head-mind
spoke words
of doubt,
“you’re absurd”,
“you’re not dear”.

Each time I thought about
open mic-ing,
I’d hear:
“That’s stupid.”
“That’s immature.”
“You’re attention getting.”
“That’s weird.”
“Others will think you’re odd.”
“That’s embarrassing.”
“You’re absurd.”
“That’s not spiritual.”
“You’re a bad example.”
“You’re scary.”
“You’re juvenile.”
“What would Jesus do? NOT THAT!”
“You’re not good.”
“You’re evil.”
“You’re self-centered.”
“You’re a fool.”

For so long
I believed the voice,
the Angst,
the negative,
the stoppage,
until I was living
a blocked

Then guides
invited me
to take an 8-inch
from my mind,
to my heart.

I like journeys,
so I accepted
the invitation.
I took my hand
filled with thoughts
from my head,
and placed it
and them
on my heart.
There I felt
the warmth,
and love
growing from deep within.

As I heard-thought
those words
of fear
and rejection
and shame,
from my head,
my loving,
listened to them,
those embarrassment / hate words,
then simply,
but forcefully
“Or not.”

Why They Call It Joy Riding: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

January 24, 2015

Click here for the video that prompted this poem)
Driving through
the snow-covered high
top down,
sun in my face,
wind blasting,
splitting my lips,
running my nose,
rocking to the radio,
I can’t help but look around,
see the mountain vistas,
throw my both my hands
in the air,
surf the wind,
and cry with unspeakable joy.
Damn, I’m happy!

And look!
There’s an American flag :-)!!!

Worth The Mud: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse

January 17, 2015

Driving my newly-washed car down a muddy Utah road to get to Sandy Beach, Utah LakeOn a cloudy Friday morning
I washed my car.
On a sunny Saturday afternoon
I drove down a muddy road
and went to the beach.

Was it worth it?

Oh yeah!
Most definitely!

I washed my car/
on a cloudy Friday/
and went to the beach,
down a muddy road,
on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Was it worth it?/
Oh yeah!
Most definitely.

Hurt Instead Of Help: Romantic Blogging Free Verse Lament

July 19, 2014

Don’t you hate it when
you try to help,
but hurt instead?
And leave her
standing on the curb,
or staring at her phone,
or leaning, hands limp, on the keyboard,
or slouched in her chair,
or sitting in her car,
or slumped against the doorway,
heart breaking,
and wondering:
“What the hell
just happened?”

Birthday Dinner Ala’ Moi: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

May 12, 2014

Sitting in a parking lot,
overlooking a moon-lit lake
with ducks crossing the street,
Cher singing about
how love made
all of her favorite scars.

An eight-course Indian dinner
in Styrofoam container plates
and cups
and plastic bags
spread all over the dashboard
and the seats
and the cupholders
and the center console
because the restaurant was closing
in 10 minutes.

A full moon,
a leopard-print dress,
and four-inch heels.

you just get
the perfect
birthday dinner.

What OCD Means: Revolutionary ImproVerse Free Verse Poem

April 21, 2014

Does OCD/
stand for/
Organized Closet Disorder?

Dance To A Dream Deferred: Romantic ImproVerse Free Verse Lament

February 23, 2014

“What happens to a dream deferred?/
Does it dry up/
like a raisin in the sun?”/

Or just go to another dance?