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A Rose In Winter: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

January 19, 2014

a frozen and dried rose in the middle of winterA frozen and dried/
rose, though plucked in winter’s grasp,/
will still smell as sweet.

A frozen and dried/
rose, though plucked in winter’s chill,/
will still smell sweetly.

You Overwhelm Roses Of Red: Romantic ConTEXTing Poetry

April 2, 2011

Roses of red,/
violets of blue;/
blooms whose heads/
show ev’ry hue/
and sweet scent known,/
pale and wither/
when your beauty is shown/
and your fragrance delivered.

To a Rose At Last Blossoming: Revolutionary Blogging Improv Sonnet

August 28, 2010

A friend wrote a poem in a new blog, and then wondered about her poetic ability. This sonnet is in response (and is also on the comment page to her poem).

To a Rose At Last Blossoming

Roses don’t blossom
quickly, like the daffodil, tulip,
or dandilion,
only to fade just as quickly away.

Instead, they rise from a bushes,
born years before.
The older the rosebush,
the sweeter and longer lasting the blossom.

People glance at rosebushes in winter,
comment on their plainness;
their brown sticks protruding through dead mulch;
their ugliness, deadness, and thorns.

But when rose blossoms at last spread their color’d fragrance,
Humankind is blessed, touched and inspired by true beauty.

Repentant Rose Lets Her Fragrance Flow: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

August 24, 2010

Behold, fair rose!
Thou who art at once so close,
and yet so distant.
wondering where romance went.

Take the chance to repent
of that which thou previously said:
Of where your passions went
lost in waters uncharted.

But instead, give full measure
to opening your heart,
uncovering your treasure
and sharing your deepest part.

Be the rose who opens her bloom
and, with her fragrance, lifts the gloom.