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It Is Finished: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

March 4, 2014

Fini. Finito./
Fertig. Feuerabend. Finished./
Thirty-three years ends.

Sword of Damocles Expense Report: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

August 13, 2013

Who knew the joy that/
finishing an overdue/
expense sheet could bring!?!

Ending Rituals: Revolutionary Blogging Haiku

August 6, 2011

They spoke how they were:/
Finishing their rituals./
Should one stop good ways?

Inspired BBQ Running Prayer: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poetry

April 24, 2010

“Half way there/
livin’ on a prayer”/
just played:/

Jon’s prayer
for you;/
Your friends hope/
that barbeque/
your feet/
to finish.