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Footrub and Brain Massage: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

June 7, 2010

I entone gentle words that caress and woo.
I massage your brain and your feet;
and as you drift off from worldly view,
your relaxation’s peacefully complete.

Like blown sand in the desert;
like waves lapping the shore;
I’ll confess, I caress you best
where your soles, and soul, are sore.

It’s something I can do,
not something I must.
The question I have of you
is: Do I still have your trust?

For only then can my fingers erase
the worry and tension from your feet, hands, and face.

Shelving Tacoma’s Ghosts: A Romantic Email Poem

March 14, 2010

Only a real deal/
such as yourself/
could help me desire/
to put Tacoma’s ghosts on the shelf./
To tread through Old Town streets/
where other women ran rough-shod/
over my heart with their feet.

Sonnet Response to Those Shoes! Those Feet!

February 21, 2010

A friend wrote a blog posting about shoes. This was my improv sonnet response.

As with every walk
you talk
you leave no doubt.
With your pointed
and well-heeled tongue,
never has to guess
you’re going on life’s journey fair;
just what you’re wearing to get there.