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Explore Everything Children: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

February 25, 2018

My daughter explores everything -- Instagram photosMy daughter explores
everything. Did I show her,/
or did* she teach me?
or does she teach me?

Explore Your Back Yard: Revolutionary ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

November 19, 2016

New fruited vineyard discovery -- November 2016When you explore just/
a little more you may find/
new fruited vineyards.

In Defense Of Eyebrow-Raising Poems: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 7, 2015
Eyebrow-raising poems/
aren’t evil. They prompt us to/
think, explore, and grow.

Not To Adore But Explore: Romantic ConTEXTing Iambic Poem

January 10, 2014

I don’t want to/
date you/
Or mate you./
Or adore you./

I want to explore you,/
learn more of you,/
And co-think deep, late,/
And passionate./

I think we relate,
and thus far, it’s great.
What think you?/
Do you want to?

Unknown Tastes: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Lament

November 20, 2013

She thinks our tastes are/
so different, but she’s never/
really explored them.
She thinks our music/
tastes are different, but she’s not/
ever explored them.

Where Women Are: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

September 16, 2013

She hides in bushes,/
by paths, wanting to explore/
but never daring.

Expanding Horizons: Romantic Blogging Poetic Lament

July 14, 2011

“I should expand my horizons,”
she says.
“It will be good for me
to experience
what I never have before,
to have the freedom
to discover.”

I let her go,
so she can see
what’s out there.
Who cares.
Who shares.
Who dares.

A few weeks later
her world expands.

She has reached out
to embrace
all the myriad
and endless
and potentials
she never had,
she never saw before,
she never experienced.

Her arms open
and then close,
wrapped tightly
around another.

That was quick.

A Mother’s Daily Prayer: Revolutionary Iambic Blogging Poem

May 8, 2011

A counted cross stitch hung in our home for years, showing a mother kneeling, playing with her children. It said:
“I hope our children look back on today,
and see a mother who had time to play.
There will be time for washing and cooking,
for children grow up while we’re not looking.”

I wrote this in honor of the mother of my wonderful children:

I hope our children look back on today
and remember their mother, who taught them to pray.

They take time to wander, question and explore as youth,
but you taught them how and where to find real truth.

What Caught My Eye and Held Me: Romantic Improv Poem

July 7, 2010

You asked what caught my eye.
It was your photo. Hey, I’m a guy!
What held me
like a trembling
was what I read and see
as I look past
your visual poetry.

Being by the water.
Your love of your son and daughter.
Belly laughing.

Exploring the wonders of the world.
Comfortable silence.
The value of words.
Taking a chance.

Simple conversatiion.
Affection without reservation.

Should I go on?
Or may I be done?

For the rest of you to adore
is what I’d like
to invite
us both to explore.