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Enlightenment Sunset: Romantic ImproVerse Free Verse Lament

January 1, 2017

Oh! Thou foolish,/
silly man,/
ripping open/
and exposing your heart,/
thinking that proclamations made,/
from distance,/
made late,/
will draw her in/
and capture her,/
and change her mind,/
when you really still hold/
the power/
and need to make/
the choices that are best,/
for you, /
not through loneliness,/
not through competition,/
but because you can/
see your path/
clearly. /

Suck it up/
Enlightenment sunset Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin

Thanks for Continuing Enlightenment: A Revolutionary ConTEXTing Poem

December 20, 2009

and again,/
thank you/
for whatever you do./
Every time we are through,/
I’m enlightened./
Yet that’s not frightening./
It just is.