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Albion Alpine Autumn: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

October 3, 2011

Fall wildflower glow in the sunset at Alta, Utah's Albion basinLike a woman reading
In her soft, quilted bed,
With warm, golden lamp light
Glowing ’round her head,

So do fall’s fading flowers
Of Albion’s alpine meadows shine
As they show off late beauty
At sunset, one last time.

For soon a warm blanket,
Soft, deep and white,
Will form a safe coverlet
And protect them both at night.

Then, the brightness of morning and spring
Will amaze the eyes with the beauty waking brings.


Choices We Make: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

December 26, 2010

Today I faced a choice
of doing something I really wanted to,
but I listened to my inner voice
and elected to not see you.
Instead I’ll be with my folks,
probably watching a football game.
It’s really no joke;
It’s not really the same.
But my dad and grandpa
went to the NFL’s Ice Bowl.
The greatest game ever they saw;
16 below, in a Green Bay blizzard of snow.
The last football game my grandpa would attend.
Sometimes we don’t know how our choices will end.

You Can Only Deem Me Silly: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

October 12, 2010

You can only deem me silly/
since you don’t know how you’ve thrilled me./
If you only think that I amy forlorn/
because I’m missing out on your kettle corn.

You can’t imagine how frequently/
my memory goes back so completely/
to when you and I shared burnt rhubarb,/
and I felt, that evening, more like the Bard

than I had for a long time, and rarely have since./
So certain am I that I’d make you wince/
if I divulged the deepest feelings in my heart,/
I’ve decided to keep them buried in the dark.

Where I can view them from night ’til morn,/
while you think it’s silliness about kettle corn.

“F U” vs. “If U” = Your Choice: A Revolutionary Email Sonnet

April 10, 2010

I know what you’re thinking:/
“F U”. /
Even without drinking:/
“F U!”

So much to discuss,/
but instead, you fuss/
about a weekend alone./
Where’s your phone?/

wanna call
there’s al
ways me to turn to.

wanted 2.