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Eating Out Alone: Romantic Free Verse ImproVerse Poem Lament

April 1, 2017

I love to eat out,
but this was a different
type of meal,
a spiritual Feast, really,
and I longed to share it
with somebody I cared about,
someone who enjoyed the same cuisine
(or so i thought.)

I reached out to her
and time
but there was never
any response;
any indication
that she
was having
the same feelings.

At last,
as I waited for dessert,
(knowing she was not
going to partake,)
I realized
that she and I
were not looking
at the same menu.
I thought
that she might not even
be hungry.
Or that maybe
she might be eating out

I learned,
and was reminded,
that the gut-wrenching feeling,
the butterflies,
in my stomach,
that familiar feeling
that had come around
for over a decade
was not caused by her,
nor by my hunger,
but was a result,
as it had been
so often in the past,
of my silliness,
my over-indulgent intensity.

So I asked for the check
and left.


Just One? Revolutionary Blogging Poem

October 25, 2012

When did “Just one?”
a question
setting us numb?
and causing indigestion
when asked,
as aspersions are cast
at mealtime?

Couldn’t it be
just as easily
a statement
that meant:
“Oh, just one!”
as in good?
Like Solomon,
so understood?

Or Just as you are inside,
with nothing to hide?
Openly justified?

So instead of feeling duress
at mealtime,
avoid that stress:
Think of “Just one?” as sublime,
and joyfully answer “I am! Yes!”