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Awaiting Promised Letters: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

August 6, 2012

The promised letters/

drifted like wind-swept cotton/

seeds that never grow.

Your Gutter Mind: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

July 14, 2011

Please remove your mind
from the gutter so mine may
slowly drift on by.

Unusually North-Flowing River: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

June 12, 2011

An unusual/
river flows north. I paddle/
against it, then drift.

Being Blown Away: Romantic ConTEXTing Prose

April 29, 2011

I’m trying
to not be too overly
away by you,
but as the miles
and time
drift behind me,
the brain waves well up
and it’s proving

Sleep Smiling After a Late Night Text: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

July 2, 2010

I asked someone if she minded if I texted her late at night, and if she got them, what she thought. She said (in a poem), that they made her smile and she enjoyed them. This is the result.

Sleep on then,/
U wonderous beauty,/
and I’ll view it again/
as a priviledge, not a duty,/
to help U 2 smile/
for a while,/
as U drift off deep/
back 2 sleep.


Drifting to Dreamland Together: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

May 31, 2010

I drift back to sleep:/
That sweet dreamland where at least/
we are together.