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No Sparkle: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku Lament

June 14, 2015

He searched everywhere/
for her and her sparkle, but /
she just wasn’t there.

Dress Shouldn’t Matter: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 23, 2014

In blue jeans, sneakers,/
and open-collared shirt, I/
renew covenants.

Thankful For A Dressing Down: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

November 28, 2013

She dressed me down for/
how poorly I was dressing./
I am still thankful.

Magic Dress Shimmer: Romantic IMprov Haiku

October 10, 2013

She shimmered in her/
magic Cinderella dress./
I was swept away.

Still Not Changed Enough: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

October 28, 2012

“Dress better.” “Calm down.”/
“Be good.” “Act professional.”/
I thought I’d changed more.

“Dress better.” “Calm down.”/
“Be good.” “Act professional.”/
I’m still not enough.


On Wearing Pink: Revolutionary Rhyming Haiku

June 12, 2011

My son wears pink hats./
I think that’s okay. I taught/
him to dress that way.

Blue Painted Mom’s Dress: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Iambic Haiku

September 23, 2010

To the mom whose child/
dabbed blue paint on her chest: I’d/
buy a new blue dress!