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Lost — One Blue Rapala: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 5, 2014

Fishing lure in bedSomewhere in my bed/
is a fishing lure. Don’t ask./
I’m from Wisconsin.

Don’t Ask Do Ask: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

October 16, 2014

If you don’t ask, the/
answer’s always “No”. If you/
do, it still may be.

Remembering A New Year’s Resolution: Revolutionary Blogging Poetry

May 12, 2011

It was cold
last New Year’s Day.
Someone was sick.
I thought maybe
she was dying.

It was not my place
to worry.
I had no familial ties,
no vested interest,
but I did.
And I do.

So I called, then,
that frigid January day,
a caregiver
who I cared for.

No answer.
Cold she was,
thinking I was prying.
She didn’t understand
that people can care;
that people call;
reach out;
try to find out
what is happening.

My roots,
Midwest deep,
tell me to probe.
To ask.
To be concerned,
as I want people
who should care
to care
about me.

But it’s not her
It’s not her
And on that bitter
New Year’s Day
I learned.
She gave me
reality check
into the way things are.
and my caring,
is lost on her.
I am not welcome,
and I lost her.

But out of bitter winter,
thaw comes.
Seasons bring change.

Ice melts,
and water comes
and goes,
and flows
under many

She returned.
So you’d think
I’d have learned,
and not burned
bridges again.

Scenarios replay themselves,
so we may learn
from them.

Once again
sickness stalks,
and I, as a friend,
am worried.
I call.
No answer.
I ask again.
No response.

And though Spring
has warmed the sky,
the soil,
and grown seeds
and relationships,
the memory
of that cold
New Year’s Day
blows back into me
and my mind,
and stings
like that bitter wind.

Do I care?
But those who don’t care
that I care
may again howl
as uncertainly,
and coldly
as last winter’s blizzard,
and water my eyes,
and burn my cheeks and ears,
and take away my breath.

So I turn my back
on the potential,
miserable cold,
the chill memory,
those feelings that could stop
my heart.

I lift my head,
face the warmth
of the red-rocked
and walk out
and on

Tonight’s moonset,
tomorrow’s sunrise
may bring news.
It may be good.
It may be tragic.

If it comes,
I will hear.
But I will not ask.
Here, in the land of
“This is The Place!”,
asking is not my place.

What I Don’t Ask: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

May 5, 2011

I don’t ask U2 write./
I don’t ask U2 call,/
I dlite/
2 ask nothing at all./

My only ask/
and sincere desire/
is when U face the task/
of lighting your fire,/
I can.

Reciprocation = a Chore: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

June 3, 2010

is no option, just a chore./
(Don’t ask any more.)