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Common Pain? Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku Lament

March 2, 2017

Does this happen to/
everyone? Cleaning out old/
wreckage, you break down.

To Quell Gossip And Rumors: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

April 9, 2014

To those I may have/
deceived: I’m sorry. I am/
*now on the right path.
*now doing what’s right.

Waiting And Hoping: Romantic ImproVerse Rhyming Haiku

April 3, 2014

Ive done everything/
she asked me to. Now what should/
I do? Wait for her?

Obviously Not Enough: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

March 27, 2014

She wonders why she’s/
“Not enough”. Maybe it’s ’cause/
She is still married.

Now Waiting For Her Change: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

March 27, 2014

I finally did what/
she asked. It’s her turn to make/
me wait as she’ll change.

Birthday Gifts To One Who Has Everything: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

March 20, 2014

It’s her birthday. All/
I want to gift her is my/
changed and reformed life.

Another Friday Night: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

March 14, 2014

My first official/
Friday of freedom, and I/
ain’t got nobody.

Not Wanting Out: Romantic ImproVerse Haiku

March 9, 2014

I didn’t want to/
get out of relationships,/
but had to feel loved.

It Is Finished: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

March 4, 2014

Fini. Finito./
Fertig. Feuerabend. Finished./
Thirty-three years ends.

Good Mountain Morning: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

February 28, 2014

On a day that will/
Change my life for good, at least/
The mountain is out.