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What He’s Looking For: Romantic IMprov Free Verse Poem

February 24, 2015

Who am I looking for?
A woman who is enthusiastically passionate,
who can embrace me
as I embrace her
and the world.

Someone who can stand
at sunrise
with tears,
and arms outstretched,
to welcome the new day.

A woman who will laugh with me
as we clap our hands
with child-like glee
watching dandelion parachutes
glide away on a gentle,
summer breeze.

Someone who will discover
lost treasures
of bakery
or burnt-end barbecue
or Thai
or spaghetti
or spumoni.

Someone who will grasp
the silence
and power
of breathing together;
who isn’t afraid to throw
to the 70 mph wind,
and her hands
in the air
as we rock,
the black top
to the Four Tops
or the Four Seasons.