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Something No Father Should Face: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

October 19, 2012

No dad should reach the/
point where he must tell his girl:/
“Go. Die. I can’t help.”

My Daughter’s Daring Gift: Revolutionary Blogging Sonnet

October 8, 2012

My darling, dying daughter is daring.
Willing to explore her feelings,
able to express her caring
through the pain and suffering she’s revealing.

Though she fears loathing and ridicule,
she loves unseen others more.
By exposing her personal fire’s fuel,
she’s guiding sufferers to a hopeful shore.

Today someone who she’s never met
was lead to read her writings.
As my daughter exposed experiences we’d rather forget
she gave another hope to keep on fighting.

Sometimes a greater love for another just means
we don’t have to die; we just have to be seen.

Written after my daughter wrote in her blog Milla the Night Baker
and someone responded at 5:06 a.m. on October 8th, 2012 saying how her writing was helping.

Results Of A Drought: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

September 15, 2012

When words stop flowing,/
like when a river dries up,/
a fertile field dies.

Missing The Energy Source: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku

September 9, 2012

It’s said that if you/
take a plant from its source of/
energy, it dies.

A Citizen’s Warning And Lament: Improv Free Verse

September 5, 2012

Spend your life paying taxes,
Volunteering in the community,
Coaching others children to become better citizens, team players, more healthy.

Offer your life
Working to feed and shelter the homeless,
Leading youth on wilderness trips and service projects,
Giving of your time, talents, money,
and everything you have to your church.

And when the time comes
that one of your own needs help,
because she is too old,
she doesn’t have insurance,
you make too much money,
her condition isn’t seen as a disease,
and she becomes so thin
that she falls through the cracks,

Prepare, then, oh Citizen!
to stand by
and watch her die
and wish you could you have volunteered
and paid
and given of your time, talents,
and everything that you had
to bless her life
and keep her alive.

Why Fear I To Fly? Revolutionary ConTEXTing Rhyming Haiku

July 25, 2012

Why fear I to fly?/
It’s not that I’ll die. I’m scared/
of the long goodbye.

Be Kind To Me As I Fall Apart: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Limerick

July 19, 2012

As my body starts/
To slowly fall apart,/
Will they be kind to me/
when they finally find me?/
It feels too early to depart.

Saying Hello, Saying Goodnight: Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

June 26, 2012

Sunset and moonset over Lake Winneconne, Wisconsin: Saying goodbye, saying hello.I watched fabulous/
sunset’s rays. Then, guess who showed /
up to say hello?


I watched, glorious,/
a sunset die. Guess who showed/
to wish me goodnight?

Who Is Willing To Die For Me? Romantic Blogging Improv Iambic Poetry

June 26, 2012

Yes, I’m talking to you!
Naturlich! Wem sonnst?
Allein, nur Du.

Was I not worth anything more
than you just walking away?
A door slam. You were sore,
but had nothing to say.

My entire existence
I waited for someone who
would push back and offer resistence.
I thought she was you.

Somewho who, when I turned away,
would come running back to me
and ask me to stay.
But I still wait vainly.

I wondered, again,
how much someone cared.
Were you more than a friend?
Was your soul really bared?

Foolish and silly
my asking was,
and yet, was it really?
The proof lies in what she does.

I wanted someone who would take risks,
who would stand and face the fire.
Who, when it came to this,
would scream “NO! You’re my desire!”

But instead, like so many others
who’d come and gone before,
who’ve claimed they were true lovers,
like them, you found the exit door.

Not one ever turned around
and gazed back longingly.
Not one ever uttered a mournful sound
and asked to come back to me.

Not one was able to reach into their soul
and say “I’m not going to leave.”
Not one said they wouldn’t go.
Not one argued. Not one made me believe.

Not one said “Wait. No! I’m willing to try!”.
Not one made me feel desired.
They all let their feelings die.
They all acted like love had expired.

It wasn’t a game.
It wasn’t manipulation.
It wasn’t rejection.
It was a question.

And no one has answered it yet.

Why Do I Cry Die: Revolutionary Improv Blogging Rhyming Haiku

December 11, 2011

Why do I cry? Die?/
Not I, nor one close to me./
It’s your pain I see.