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Who I Write About: Romantic IMprov Sonnet

September 12, 2012

Who do I write about?
You know they’re about you.
You may outwardly doubt
but gaze my verse through.

You may argue
and not believe what I say.
I know that you
can’t watch yourself play.

You may deride
and hold my words in derision
and may cast them aside
because you don’t see my vision.

You may not see you that way, but I do.
No matter what you say, my vision is true.

Strangely Missing A Friend: Revolutionary IMprov Poetry

December 14, 2010

I miss you/
more than you can know./
I miss you/
when I’m driving in snow./
I miss you/
underneath the moon’s tender glow.

I miss you/
worse than I thought I would.
I miss you/
although it’s understood/
I can’t grab you,/
or have you,/
or take you,
still, I won’t forsake you,/
because I miss you./

Sometimes there’s a hole/
in my stomach and heart/
that all the egg rolls/
and phad thai and pho can’t start/
to fill.
It’s like a drill/
just grinds away/
at me, day by day./

The emptiness./
The lonelyness./
I guess/
the duress/
of thinking about you./
Of being without you.

Which, if you think about it, really/
is very silly./
I mean, I couldn’t even kiss you./
And yet, I miss you./

The thoughts you inspired./
The dreams and desires/
you unfurled./
You opened up my world./
And now, seeing a new vision,/
and not being afraid of derision,/
it’s true:/
I just miss you.