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Snow Laying: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Haiku Definition

January 13, 2011

Hot tub. Lay in snow./

Back into pool. Then hot tub./

That is snow laying.

Vocabularist: Revolutionary IMprov Prose

August 23, 2010

I keep inventing words (which, I guess, makes me a “vocabulist”), but forgetting to write them down. Usually these happen in instant message conversations, so I figured I should start capturing them.
Vocabularist: A person who uses words, either in speech or writing, very precisely. Someone who has a large vocabulary and makes certain their words are exactly what they mean to say. Someone who examines, questions or verifies the words another uses, to make certain the intended meaning is understood.
“How were you over the weekend at your retreat? Did you have fun?”
“Fun? It was necessary.”
“You are such a vocabularist.”