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Why Be You? Revolutionary Blogging Sonnet

May 16, 2016

She, alone, stood
and, debating her own best good,
faced down the gaping abyss
of conscious solo loneliness.

She knew another decision would
be, by others, easily understood
if she, reconsidering, stepped back;
let herself be lead down a different track.

She could easily hike hand in hand
through life’s journey with a man
who had never truly got
the greater knowledge and light she sought.

But she turned her vision to a loftier view;
Spread forth her arms, lept out, and flew.


What Is Happiness: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

November 25, 2013

Is happiness a/
destination, a journey,/
or your decision?

Demanding Decisions: Romantic ConTEXTing Poem

October 24, 2013

Oh wait!
If I tell her
to decide what she wants to do
so that I don’t tell her
what to do,
then I’m still
telling her
what to do.

Is the Hour Over? Romantic ConTEXTing Limerick

December 14, 2010

Is the hour over yet?/
The decision met?/
Will we/
together be/
a sweet duet?

What If You: Romantic Improv Blogging Poetic Lament

November 15, 2010

What if
your loneliness
pushed me
into a choice
I didn’t want to make yet.

What if,
as I look back on it,
I realize
I chose too soon.

What if
the crying
and goodbyeing
were caused by you thinking
in your mind
it would probably
happen eventually.

What if
I was confused
about what I wanted,
where I wanted to live,
how I wanted to be.

What if
you had said
had let it play out;
had let me figure me out.

What if
you didn’t know
a few days later
that I’d look at your photos
and want to go
to where I was before,
before all the
what ifs

What if you
were wrong.