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Your Christmas Gift: Revolutionary Blogging Sonnet

December 24, 2012

We, again, won’t exchange
gifts, messages or things store-bought.
Yet, as in years past, it seems strange
that you’re in every Christmas thought.

It’s been such a long while
since we’ve been together.
Yet you still make me smile,
and I can never say never.

Each year you’re on my list.
Each Christmas time I remember.
With each prayer I offer this wish:
We could finally get together.

This year, as always, it’s still your choice.
This year, as always, I hope you’ll hear my voice.

What I Want To Give For Christmas: Revolutionary Email Sonnet

December 21, 2012

What I want to give you for Christmas
probably won’t show up on your list.
It can’t be wrapped up under the tree.
It wasn’t in store windows for all to see.

Your Christmas gift won’t be in some store
filled with kids in shopping carts screaming “buy me more!”
Nor is it found on-line,
bought in robes or PJs to save time.

I don’t know how to wrap your present.
I won’t post it, for it can’t be sent.
And there are some who might think me cheap
to give such a gift that I hope you’ll keep.

What I to give you is more joy and less stress.
That is a gift that, for you, would be the best.