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Pink Etoufee Tat Brit WHUT!?! Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

December 15, 2016

Pink Floyd tattooed Brit over crawfish etoufee'Chat with an old Brit/
over etoufee’ and he’ll/
show off his Pink tat.


What If God Is A Jazz Musician? – Update / Extended Version: Revolutionary Iambic Slam-Length Poem

October 5, 2014

Back in high school I read a science report that stated that radio waves coming from Pulsars, Quarks, and other astrological entities portrayed very sophisticated Jazz beats and rhythms. I wrote a poem, then, which I can’t find… but this is a rewrite that still asks the same question.
— The first and last part of this piece was written in 2009, and can be found here, in an earlier part of my blog.

In order to make it “Slam Poetry” length, I added some new thoughts and ideas about the music we hear in Nature.

The Quasars
and Pulsars
from dying sparks
of Quarks
and black holes
playing in the dark
form bang, bang,
do wop, bang
and be bop bang
syncopated rhymes
in do wop, bang re bop
three-quarter time
on radio
do whop bang discs
in bang bang do whop bang Puerto
bang bang do whop bang
and bang bang do whop bang
New Mex

Or you can take the A-Train
To Central Park,
and hear some jazz refrain
before dark,

For surely/
some boy and girl Squirrley
will rhythmic chat
That’s as natural as a scat
From any bar
In Har

Or hear the music of the trees
when winter thaws to spring
as they’re moved by the breeze.
Yeah, they got that swing!

Just get out of your car,
And lie down anywhere.
Step out of that bar/
to hear nature’s grooved aire.

The birds,
The bees,
the waves I hear
On distant seas.

Even the rhythm of your heart
And the shufflin’ of your feet.
From your life’s very start:
It carries that cosmic beat.

You feel it,
hear it,
dance to it,
groove on it.

Everywhere you go.
You know.
It’s got that flow.
So …
What if God

bang bang do whop bang
IS a Jazz Musician?
the Universe
Is His Big

Taking Chat Risks: Romantic IMprov Haiku

May 2, 2011

Your chat message says/
I may be interrupting./
I’m glad to take risks.

Not Acting Our Age: A Revolutionary Email Poem

April 1, 2010

I have legs, too, two!/
AND am funny ..
like vous!/
Care to chat/
about dogs and cats/
and act not our age!/
(’cause that’s/
where it’s at!)

Interested in Being Interested: Revolutionary Email Poetry

March 25, 2010

What’s on my mind?
At least to find out about

A good way to do
is to IM
or chat.

Doesn’t have to be
Any IM thingy
will do.

I suppose a call
now and then
would do

Or texting.
Or I guess email
would work as well.
From what I can tell.

What are we looking for?
Pen pals?
Companions until the bitter end?

If you were interested in a guy,
and you emailed him,
and you didn’t know why
but on a whim
he didn’t email back for … several days,
would you forget him?

I’m movin’ on! Tough!
Or would you think:
Nah, he’s just not interested enough
to jump off the brink.

Maybe the real question we all have to ask us
is this: how interested
in being interested
are we…