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Ouch. OUCH! Oh, Oh! Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

October 22, 2014

When you are on blood/
thinner, use caution. Don’t be/
hasty when shaving.

What’s Written On Her Forehead: Revolutionary IMprov Haiku

January 27, 2014

Where others may see/
anger, I see tenderness/
and open caution.

Going Straight On A Green Arrow: Revolutionary ImproVerse Haiku

April 1, 2013

If you are used to/
a certain path, be careful/
when you change your mind.

In Exhaustion, Throw Away Caution: Revolutionary ConTEXTing Rhyming Haiku

May 1, 2011

In your exhaustion,/
throw caution to the four winds./
Just let me come in.