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Getting What You Want, But … : Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku Lament

May 23, 2011

Just lie there, amazed./
Feel caressed like you’d wished. No./
She’s not satisfied.

Tropical Chocolate Dreaming: a Few Romantic ConTEXTing Haiku

April 6, 2010

I visited a friend, who served me chocolate from the Big Island. We drifted off to platonic sleep. I dreamed. These are versions of the same dream haiku. I don’t know what she dreamed of.

We ate choco-late./
Holding hands,we fell asleep,/
dreaming of palm trees.
We ate chocolate late./
I caressed her face, hair, hands;/
We dreamed of gold sands.

We ate chocolate late./I caressed her face and hands./We dreamt golden sands.